Monday, 30 September 2013

The Smells Of Autumn

Oh, how I love when the weather starts to cool, and the nights get darker quicker. There is nothing nicer, than putting on the fire, closing the curtains and cosying up on the sofa with a nice hot drink and reading a good book.

Well that is nice, but what makes it even nicer is when you light some candles and their scent reminds you of that season.

I love to burn candles and today I found some perfect ones in Clinton Cards, discounted as well, (which made buying them even better,lol.


  1. I want the salted caramel one so badly! I'm buying this as soon as my spending ban is over (end of October boo)
    Nice blog, thank you for visiting mine
    Tania x

  2. Oh the idea of smelling warm caramel, while cozied up to a warm fire, good book in hand sounds like heaven! You've just helped me to prepare for Fall a little better! Here in Oklahoma, I hate to see Fall arrive. We do have BEAUTIFUL wild bushes that have fire-red leaves on them, and I love the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, but it also reminds me that Winter is not far behind, and here we have a brutal Winter and Springtime, so this blog helped me to be more excited about Fall. :)


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