Monday, 30 September 2013

To shop or not to shop

It is so hard in this day and age not to just buy everything we see and like. I, myself am included in this as I am a self confessed shopaholic. There is nothing more that i love than brightly coloured makeup and sparkly nail polish to set off the "OMG,I need that" chant in my head.

My favourite thing to do on my days off is to go wandering round town weighed down by lots of carrier bags and knowing I've got the latest "IT" item in my collection.

But then at the end of the month and the dreaded bank statement comes through. Thats when the old "shoppers remorse" hits. Did I really need that bright pink lipstick that matches the other 29 in the drawer?? 

The old internet doesn't help either with all those brightly coloured emails, saying discount and special offer .

I guess Im just gullible but I cant help myself. Now Im on a no buy , ( well, at least till the next payday lol)

Let me know your thoughts on this subject.

Till next time,

Happy Spending

Zoe xx


  1. Haha I saw this after my lost comment where I mentioned my spending ban. We are in the same boat then so you feel my pain! Keep it up! :)
    Tania x

  2. Oh, I am definitely a shopaholic as well! Right now, I'm on a no-buy plan for at least a week or two, lol. I'm another one that sees it and HAS to have it in my collection! Sometimes I even buy backups of the things I love...just in case I run out. I wouldn't want to have to wait for that exact foundation to be shipped, even though I have a ton of other great brands that I love, lol. Being a You Tuber doesn't make it any easier either. In fact, it makes it worse, because now there's pressure to have that brand new item RIGHT away, so I can quickly get a review up! Hahaha. Oh the joys and the pains of beauty!


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