Friday, 25 October 2013

I Love Fall/Autumn Tag

I Love Autumn/Fall Tag

Hi Guys, I saw this tag going round Youtube and thought it might be fun to recreate in a blog post. If you enjoy it, I tag all of you to recreate it and let me know what answers you would put.

1) Favourite Fall Lip Product

This one is easy. It has to be Mac's Craving Lipstick. Its a rich burgundy/mauve colour and is so complimentary to every skin tone.

2) Favourite Fall Nail Polish

This year I have loved Essie's Sole Mate. Like the lipstick above its a deep burgundy, and is a classic colour that every girl should have in their nail polish wardrobe.

3) Favourite Starbucks drink?

To be fair, I only started drinking this last year as I saw so many people raving about it on Youtube, and that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Oh. its delicious. Got a definite spice kick to it though.

4) Favourite fall candle?

I love Autumny candles, anything that smells of pumpkin, or cinnamon is a definite winner for me. I also this year found a new scent which is the Yankee Candle in Spiced Orange which smells delicious and which my 8 year old little boy really likes too.

5) Would I prefer to go in a haunted house or a haunted corn maze?

Well, I have never heard of a haunted corn maze. So my answer would have to be the Haunted House. My guilty secret is that in my spare time I love going ghost hunting and have often gone off on my own in the pitch black to see if I can communicate with any spirits. 

6) Favourite Halloween Movie ?

Im a real scaredy cat when it comes to Horror Movies and normally I wont watch them as they really scare me but the only ones I do watch are The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity and Thirteen Ghosts.

7) Favourite Sweets on Halloween

Hmm, this got me thinking as I do like a lot of sweets but I like BonBons or Chocolate Eclairs.

8) What are you going to be for Halloween ?

Im going to be a let down for this question as I'm not going to be dressing up. But, my little boy dressed up for his Halloween disco at school and he went as a skeleton pirate.

9) Favourite thing about Autumn/Fall?

I love watching all the leaves changing colour and being able to cosy up in front of the fire at home with candles on enjoying a nice mug of hot chocolate.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading this tag/post, and I look forward to reading all your answers.

Happy Autumn

Zoe xx


  1. I loved reading your answers. I always enjoy getting to know other bloggers better. I'm not a huge Starbucks fan either. Shhhh don't tell, it's our lil secret, right? Thank you for sharing.

  2. It's funny, there are so many people who either don't like or haven't gone to Starbucks, but I LOVE their unsweetened Green tea, or if I'm in the mood for some caffeine, I like the white chocolate, caramel frappuccino, even in the winter. My favorite Fall candle scent carries throughout the holidays...I LOVE Cinnamon Spice candles. They're my favorite at any time of the year, but they make the house smell so warm and inviting. Great answers! :)

  3. Temptress - I'm definitely going for a Spicy Pumpkin Latte now after the gym :o). Xx


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