Saturday, 26 October 2013

Shopping spree

Shopping Spree

Well, you didn't expect me to go a few weeks without make-up shopping did you? That would be a crime, a dreadful awful crime that will never be committed by me . I know my bank account doesn't appreciate it, but well, when there is all the gorgeousness of all the new products coming out, what's a girl to do.

It started off quietly enough, wandering round Debenhams, just quietly perusing the aisles until my eyes fell upon the ultimate in palettes at the moment, the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette!!!!

I was so excited I think I ran to the counter and grabbed the first one. I opened it up and just look at all the beautiful deliciousness there is inside

It is just gorgeous. Then the assistant came over and said if I spent £50 in store today I would get a £10.00 gift card back!!!! Wow!! That was it then I just had to get another of my favourite eyeliners then.

So that was Debenhams done. I then trotted over to Superdrug and bought a limited edition Max Factor False Eyes Mascara, and 2 of the new Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks. So I will be trying those out and giving you first impressions and swatches of course. Since I've got the Max Factor mascara home, I am a little concerned that the limited edition part is only on the plastic wrapping covering the mascara, Im hoping that the mascara tube is covered in the design too. Otherwise that will be a fail on my part as I dont want just the same mascara as I already have in my collection.

Then, last place to look in was Boots. I have been dying to get my hands on 2 nail polishes that are frequently mentioned by Gurus all over You Tube. They are Essie's After School Boy Blazer and Orly's Rage, I was so pleased to be able to get them both. Nothing else really caught my eye. I even wandered around the Christmas department, and there was nothing that I wanted. So with that, made my way up to the till and because I had so many points on my Boots advantage card I was bale to purchase the nail polishes with my points and so in effect got them for free.
Dont you just love a bargain???

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know what you get on your shopping sprees.

Love and hugs

Zoe xx


  1. I've seen those polishes plastered all over the blogging network too. I really want the essie one and am tring to grow my nails for that reason! I also let out an 'oooo' on the UD palette, gorgeous!
    Tania x

    1. The Essie polish is beautiful, totally opaque in just one coat.

  2. Great Haul! I'm so jealous bc the UD Vice 2 looks soooo amazing. Enjoy it!. It looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing (◕‿◕✿)

    1. It is lovely but still can't bring myself to use it yet lol

  3. Excellent haul! Isn't is almost as though you can hear very faint "angelic singing" in your head as you press the button and the lid opens up on the UD Vice 2? LOL! I LOVE it!!

  4. Part of me doesn't want to use it, cos it won't be as pretty anymore lol:-)


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