Monday, 28 October 2013

The "Do You ?" Tag

The "Do You?" Tag

I saw this on another bloggers page (I'm so sorry, cant remember whose page it was), but I thought it was a great tag, and would be fun to do. So let's get started.

Do you take your make up off every night?
Yes, definitely. I hate knowing that by leaving my makeup on could lead me to having more spots and acne problems than I have already (yes, even at the age of 36. I still get spots :(  ). Occasionally, if Im very very tired and just need to get to sleep I have left it on but then I have regretted it the next morning when I have looked in the mirror.

Do you put lip liner on before, or after your lipstick?
I am so lazy at lip liner that I hardly ever wear it. I only tend to wear it if I am going to be doing a bright red lip, for example Mac's Ruby Woo, and then I will put the Mac Cherry lip liner on before and then apply the Ruby Woo.

Do you peel your nail polish off ?
No, never. I have trouble keeping my nails chip free at any time so I would never try to ruin the look of my nails.

Do you use both base and top coat on your nails ?
I dont use base coat ever but I apply a top coat all the time, as I think it helps the nail polish to dry quicker and give them a beautiful shine that some nail polishes may lack in themselves. At the moment I am using a Sally Hansen top coat and it is really good. My next one I would like to try is the OPI Seche Vite top coat.

Do you curl your lashes before or after mascara?
I never, ever curl my lashes. I have tried in the past but I am such a wimp that even when the curler gets by my lashes I pull away. They look like such painful objects, it brings tears to my eyes when I watch beauty gurus in their videos curling their lashes,lol. Hopefully my mascaras work just enough to give a nice gentle curl to my lashes without using those lethal contraptions.

Do you wear mascara on your bottom lashes?
Yes, I do occasionally. It depends on what look I am going for. If it is a dark smoky eyed look then yes, lots and lots of mascara to make it look more smoky. But, if its a more natural wide awake look, then I dont tend to as it can make the eyes look a little more closed in.

Do you put your concealer on before or after your foundation?
I always put it on after my foundation as I think it lightens the area more and highlights it. Whereas if you put the concealer on before your foundation, then there is a chance that whilst applying your foundation with your sponge or brush you can be taking the concealer away from that area you wanted to conceal.

Do you like minty lip gloss?
Yes, I do. I think they tend to feel like they make your lips look plumper with the minty tingly sensation.

Do you floss your teeth?
I hope my sister never reads this, as she is a dental nurse, but no, I never do. I am lazy in that department too. I think as long as you brush your teeth really well morning and night, and use mouthwash, there is never any need to use floss as well.

Do you physically exfoliate your face?
Yes I do. I use scrubs mainly 2 or 3 times a week depending on how well my skin is appearing that day. I wouldn't recommend using them more than that as I feel it can leave the skin too sensitive and cause more harm than good.

Do you like a matte, satin or dewy look to your skin?
I love my face to appear very matte and flawless. I like a full coverage foundation and good powder as I have a very oily T zone, and this can appear oily within 2-3 hours of foundation being applied. So totally matte is the look I try to achieve when I am applying my makeup for the day.

Do you brush your teeth before or after drinking your morning coffee?
After my coffee as I cant stand the taste of anything for a good long while after I have cleaned my teeth. I have my morning coffee and my breakfast before cleaning my teeth.

Do you get dressed before or after putting on your makeup?
I get dressed before putting on my makeup. That way there wont be the risk of me getting my makeup smudged or all over my uniform for work. 

Do you put on your eye makeup or your face makeup first?
I know I shouldn't, but I always put on my face makeup first because I always worry that if I put on my eye makeup first, when I go to blend my foundation in,  I'm going to smudge my eye liner or mascara and have to start all over again. If I do tend to get any eye shadow fall out I either wipe it away quickly with a cotton bud, or  get some loose face powder, and quickly sweep it under my eyes to clean all the excess shadow away.

Do you smile enough?
No, probably not. I am a worrier and so tend to look very serious when I don't mean to be. I should smile more as people have said I have a lovely smile.

Well, that's it for now. If you have read this and enjoyed it, then I tag you to do this post and I would love to read your answers.

Happy Reading 

Zoe xx


  1. Interesting tag. I really like this one!!! I haven't seen this one anywhere. I love getting to know my fellow bloggers. So Thank you for sharing. (◕‿◕✿)

  2. I am soo glad that you tagged me! I have never seen this tag before but,love the look of it. Do we do the same questions?

  3. This is funny because if I would do this tag my answers would sound almost exactly like yours! I could just copy and paste! LOL!!! XOXO, Sissi

    1. Lol :-) hope you're having a good day

  4. Great and informative tag! I LOVED this one! I might copy the questions and do a video form of this tag at some point. :D

  5. I have the same fear for eyelash curlers, that's why I bought the heated wand curler: you put your mascara on and before it dries you carefully press the wand against your lashes to push them up a bit and it really works.

    1. Might try that. So scared of them lol.I hate eye drops too.


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