Thursday, 21 November 2013

Do we have to justify ourselves?

Do we have to justify ourselves?
A lot of times recently, I have been told "you buy a lot of makeup" or "more foundation?", and it has made me question myself about my shopping habits and how I spend my money. 

We, as a a society, are criticised if we spend too much money or rely too heavily on loans and credit cards, which in all fairness is good practice and no, we should not be using credit cards and loans to fund unnecessary expenditures. I was always taught, if you havent got the money in your bank, then you just dont have that product until you have saved up enough money to afford it without relying on outside resources to help you.

I will admit, that when I left home and got married, that rule of not spending what you havent got, went out the window and I had credit cards and loans aplenty. But, then I came unstuck and found out the hard way that you eventually have to pay it all back, even if it leaves you with no money to spare. So, I have been slowly but surely climbing my way back to being a little more wise in the monetary way of things and tried to only buy what I needed.

Unfortunately, I had some unhappy times and my marriage hit the rocks and left me as a single mom with a mortgage to pay, bills coming out of my ears and only my part time money to fund it all. In all my unhappiness, I found that apart from my little boy who I cherish with all my heart and love him to the moon and back, that I loved my makeup. It allowed me to paint the mask on and hide behind the layers of the foundation, and blush and lipstick and not let people see that I was slowly dying inside.

But during that time, I began to love my small collection of makeup, and I enjoyed going out to the different stores and looking at all the new products and adding to my collection piece by piece. It gave me a thrill inside knowing that I had the latest Rimmel lipgloss, or the newest Revlon foundation. 

Also, battling my diseases that I have, my makeup became my anchor and if I could get up, paint the mask on and go to work, then that gave me the courage to fight and not let the AS (Ankylosing Spondylitis) and Fibromyalgia win.

The desire to go out and see the newest makeup products and releases gave me the oomph I needed to go out the house and do a little bit of walking and push myself to not let the disease win.

I dont drink, I dont smoke, I dont go out partying every weekend., there is food on the table, the bills are paid and I dont ask anyone for money to help me buy my makeup. I fund it all myself, and it gives me such a thrill when the newest package arrives at my door, or I walk out of a department store carrying a bag with a hidden treasure inside. Why shouldn't I treat myself to indulge in my passion that is makeup?

I will admit I do have a big collection of makeup, and when my new bedroom/makeup room is completed ( should be in the next three weeks) I will do a blog about my collection and how I store it. 

Do I really need any more makeup ? NO
Will I ever use up all my makeup ? NEVER
Will I stop buying makeup ? NO

It is my passion, and I adore my collection, I love to see new products and mix and match different brands to see the different looks I can create. Im not the greatest at applying makeup but it gives me confidence and I feel stronger when Im out knowing my mask is in place.I know people disapprove of me buying more makeup and think its unnecessary but people collect stamps, dolls,  books. I'm no different, I just collect makeup.

I'm very lucky that my partner is so very supportive of me and helps me shop and carries all my shopping bags when I cant hold them, and is generally understanding of my obsession with makeup and helps me develop my blog, so Im very lucky now.

Well, thats my little rant for now. Let me know if your family or friends are supportive of your makeup shopping or do they find it ridiculous that you have such a large collection of makeup that you will never use up.

Hope you enjoyed this blog

Love and hugs 

Zoe xxx


  1. Lovely post :) I completely agree with you! I earn my money so I feel it's up to me what to spend it on and if beauty products make me happy then so be it!
    Sweet Dreams

    1. Definitely. As long as all bills are paid, then any left over should be spent how I want.

  2. Never mind what people think. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel pretty. I often used beauty products to trick myself into feeling better. For me makeup is healthier than medication. So I'll keep buying lipstick! Thanks for shaing (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Makeup is definitely healthier than medication. If it can help me get through a day when Im feeling poorly, then I dont care. Thankyou so much for reading :)

  3. This was an awesome post!!! You know why I totally "get it." For me, it's not just my makeup, it's my You Tube channel. Having been a pro makeup artist and cosmetologist with my own salon/studio, and then LOSING it all, made me feel as though I lost myself somehow. So, when I started my channel, I didn't even know if anyone would subscribe. They are very slowly drizzling in, which makes me feel even better about doing it, but I started it for myself. It was an outlet for me; a way to continue feeling as though I was still a part of the beauty industry, since that was what I knew and loved. I no longer have "friends." I found that, once I was no longer "fun," couldn't go to impromptu lunch or dinner, couldn't run around shopping, etc., they all slowly started drifting away. None of them ever call me anymore...possibly they don't know what to say? So, they have no idea I'm even on YouTube. My family doesn't usually come over, so they have no idea how much makeup I have. My oldest sister was supposed to come over and be my model for "How to conceal under eye bags," but she has yet to make the time. So, she doesn't know how much I have either. I'm sure my collection isn't as large as yours, as I got rid of most everything that reminded me of my studio/salon. The only thing I kept were my scissors, and of course my personal makeup, which wasn't a lot. So, now that I have a YouTube channel and a blog, I have a reason again to buy makeup. :) Every single time a package arrives in the mail, I feel that excitement again, and I know that I'm alive...and I'm worth it! You do what makes YOU happy and forget what anyone else thinks. ;) Lots of love and hugs from across the ocean! <3


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