Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How I colour my hair

How I colour my hair

It has been a very long time since I have coloured my hair, but it reached the point today, where I just thought enough is enough. Every time I looked in the mirror, all I could see was grey and silver hair shining away at me and it was making me feel very old.

The reason I have not coloured my hair in a while was because the last time I went to the hairdressers, he told me that my hair was in such bad condition and that my hair was basically dying, because i suffer with ill health and take a lot of medication. He recommended that I did not colour my hair ever again, and that I use deep conditioning treatments on it and have it cut regularly. He then proceeded to show me all the products in his salon that would help me. I didn't buy any at the time as they were £25-£30 a bottle, and he was recommending 3 different products!!

I came home and spoke to my sister and she told me that he was just telling me rubbish so that I bought the products from him. I thought about it and realised that what she said made sense, but it worried me that I might be destroying my hair, so I havent coloured it in at least 5 months.

So, tonight armed with my hair colourant, old towel and magazine, I set to work on banishing some of those greys.

Here are 2 photos of my hair before I coloured it.

I dont know whether those photos show the grey streaks but they are definitely there. 

Now I will explain how I coloured my hair in detail.

Upon opening the box of hair colour,there was a packet of disposable gloves, the creme colourant, the developer cream,the applicator bottle,a silk conditioner to use after colouring and an instruction leaflet.N.B it is always advisable to do a skin allergy test 48 hours before colouring just to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.
I wrapped a towel around myself, put on the disposable gloves and opened the applicator bottle.Then I pushed the bottle into the hole at the back of the colourant box to ensure it stood upright and didnt spill over anything.Then I poured the whole contents of the developer cream and the colourant cream into the jar and put the lid on and shook the cream until I thought it was fulled blended together.I snapped off the tip of the bottle and started applying.

I tried to make sure that I did mainly the top parts as that was where my hair naturally parted and where the main parts of the grey were. Then, once I thought the top was covered enough, I put the last part of the mixture through the end of my hair.

Once all the mixture was applied, I had to wait 30 minutes for the colour to develop, so sat in my bedroom reading new blogs. Then, got in the shower and rinsed the colour out, making sure to massage the scalp to ensure that there was no staining on the hair line. The conditioner that was in the pack was really lovely scented and definitely was easy to use and rinse out.

After the shower I towel dried my hair and then just quickly blasted the hairdryer over it just to help ensure the colour adhered to the hair strands.

This is the result

I am totally impressed with the result. The colour has totally covered the greys, left my hair smoother, silkier and has given it a lovely shine, which I think the conditioner has helped with.

I totally recommend Garnier Olia hair colourant, so easy to use and has really improved the appearance of my hair.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. 

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx



  1. Great post, Zoe! Yes, having been in the salon world, they do carry the salon-only lines, and then mark the products up from what they purchased them for, in order to make money off of it. There are shops that will ONLY sell to licensed cosmetologists, and this is where we all go/went to pick up everything, because we got everything at cost...meaning no markup and tax free. But, also understand that in the biz, we spend a LOT of money on the tools we use as well. My scissors were over $400.00, and that was in the medium range of pricing! Of course, I still have them, and I LOVE them. They were one of the few items I kept when I sold my salon. Then we also have to buy pro line colorants, perms, straighteners, etc. I'm not excusing him, because I think what happened was, he was too lazy to do a color on hair as long as yours, or he had something else he wanted to be doing, so rather than color your hair and THEN try to sell you the products, he tried to make you believe that your hair was in horrendous condition, which would have also worked out for him, if he could have gotten you to go in for repeat haircuts. ;) So, yeah, I know how the business works, although I can promise, I NEVER did that to my clientele, in fact I sold the pro products at MY cost to them! NO other salon owner I've ever known has done that. People were coming to me to get their hair done and/or their makeup done, because they thought that I was the best, so I was making PLENTY of money. I would have NEVER turned a customer away like that either! It just sounds like you were lucky you left without him TOUCHING your hair. Heaven only knows what your hair would have looked like. Big hugs and lots of love from across the ocean!!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I never really thought about it from the business side of things. I guess there are 2 sides to every situation. Love and hugs xx

  2. I really enjoy the Olia color. It worked well for me and wont chase you out of your house with the smell! Thanks for sharing your experience dear! (◕‿◕✿)

  3. It is great, isnt it. I will be repurchasing this in the future :)


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