Friday, 1 November 2013

Inglot is here!!!!

Inglot Is Here!!!!!!
Well, for the longest time I have watched ladies on You-tube, talking with passion about their Inglot collections and how beautiful their eye-shadows are. I watched with envy as palettes of various sizes were shown, and the pigmentation and quality of their eye-shadows were displayed. I often tried without success to find a true seller of Inglot in the UK, which i found very frustrating.

Last weekend I replied to a girl on Twitter on how she managed to get Inglot in the UK, and I was lucky enough to get a reply from Inglot who recommended I tried I managed to get onto the website straight away and was immediately struck by how many different types of shadows and different variations in colour you could choose from.

For my first order I wanted to keep to quite neutral colours as I knew I would use those the most day to day and I only wanted the smallest palette just in case I didn't like the brand. So I chose the 4 shadow freedom palette and then proceeded to choose my four shades. To be honest I was a little worried that I had picked 4 very similar shades, as on a computer screen it is hard to tell. Hopefully I had chosen well. The prices were extremely reasonable, as I had heard that they were expensive, but at £4.50 per shadow that is equivalent to drugstore prices.

I ordered them on the 25th October and they arrived today, less than 1 week after I had ordered them!! Super quick delivery. I was so excited to receive my Inglot delivery and finally have some Inglot pieces in my make-up collection.

I opened the sturdy cardboard packaging and saw that my goodies had been beautifully protected in a lot of bubble wrap, and so I was absolutely sure that my shadows would not be damaged in transit. Another thing that I took note of was that there wasn't a lot of excess packaging. I hate it when companies use huge boxes and sheets of cardboard and paper when there is only one tiny product at the bottom. Hardly environmentally friendly. The box was just the right size but very sturdy.

What strikes me also, is the simplicity of the packaging, not cheap looking but stylish in its own way. The colour names are on the boxes the shadows come in and are on the base of the shadows too.

The palette is beautifully made and comes with a magnetic lid, (the magnets are very strong so I know that nothing will be able to move that lid off the palette and damage the beautiful shadows. The eye-shadows were wrapped in a strong plastic and I had to use a knife to be able to break into the plastic to remove the shadows to place them into their palette. The shadows I chose are:- 357 matte     330 matte
        428 pearl      460 DS

On first glance at the shadows, I was really impressed. The 330 seems like a nice highlight/inner corner colour and the 357 might be a good blending out colour, but I will have to experiment a little and just see if they will work. But the 460 shade is the one that is my favourite, the glitter and shimmer in it is just beautiful.

I took my time in placing the eye-shadows into the palette, as I did not want to damage them and wanted to get them in a good order in the palette.

Above is the final result. What do you think ? I love it. I'm so impressed with the whole palette, including the shadows. I will definitely be buying more from Inglot and I totally recommend them.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Do you have any Inglot products? Let me know in the comments below, what you have and what you recommend for me to get next.

Happy Shopping 

Zoe xxx

Disclaimer : I have purchased all the products in this blog myself and all opinions are my own.


  1. That looks so lovely and the packaging is really chic. I may have to have a look myself!
    Tania x

    1. You should get some. I was so surprised that they were so cheap.

  2. I LOVE the way you placed them. ;) I have saved a LOT of shadows in my inglot cart, but so far haven't purchased. I've been too busy buying other stuff, lol. I keep forgetting to go and checkout at Inglot! Now I just finished placing ANOTHER order through Sephora, so I won't be getting my Inglot for a while, lol. Beautiful colors!

    1. You should get the inglot shadows and spoil yourself :-)

  3. I hear some of the best things about Inglot but I have yet to purchase any. I love their whole freedom system. I'm afraid that if I started buying I wouldn't stop.You picked some gorgeous colors. Thanks so much for sharing (◕‿◕✿)

  4. The palette is brilliant, especially how the lid is magnetic.


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