Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

Hi everyone, I thought I would make this blog about the high end products that I would like to recieve for Christmas but I know I will never get, as they are too expensive.

1)Rebecca Minkoff handbag

(this image is from Google)

Dont you think this handbag is beautiful,a lovely classic bag, that would work equally as well to use daily for work, going out shopping or even going out for a night out.  It looks lovely and roomy so that I could fit all my stuff(and there is a lot of it).

2)Hourglass Ambient Palette
This palette is beautiful, the 3 different highlighter shades, and can be used lightly as just powder too. Ive seen this often, and it just looks so lovely.

3)Tom Ford "Spanish Pink" Lipstick

One of the makeup gurus on You Tube that I watch regularly LisaLisaD1 first got me into wanting/needing this lipstick. It looks such a beautiful colour, that will complement any skin tone or makeup look that you are trying to achieve.

4)Dior's "Amber Diamond" Highlighter

Now I know I was very late on the bandwagon with this product, and in many places it is discontinued, so it is like looking for gold trying to get it. BUT, I still want it, and one day come hell or high water I would love to own this and have it to add to my make up collection. This item I think is just perfect as you could wear it as just a highlighter, use the 4 colours separately as individually or, just swirl the 4 colours to get a beautiful golden sheen for your cheeks. Such a versatile product.

5)Makeup Forever's HD Foundation

This foundation is described as being perfect for anyone with oily skin, as it gives a totally matte finish.I have terribly oily skin so this would be perfect for me. I have lots and lots of drugstore foundation, and only one high end foundation, and I would love to be able to add this to my collection.

Well, that is it for my Christmas wishlist, what products would you love, but know you will never get? Let me know in the comments below.

Love and hugs 


DISCLAIMER : all photos are from Google, I do not own any. 


  1. Oh, that purse is GORGEOUS!! I want the Hourglass palette as well! Right now, it's showing out of stock online here, but I'm sure they will restock it, as the NARS palette was out of stock, and it's now back in stock, so there's still hope. That lipstick is so pretty!!! Tom Ford products are all so incredibly expensive though. I would also like to get the Makeup Forever's HD foundation. Maybe one day. Sigh...lol. Great blog again girl! <3 from across the ocean!!!

  2. So much to buy, so little cash,lol. Oh well it will make me appreciate them more when/if I finally get my hands on them.


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