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November 2013 Favourites

November 2013 Favourites

Well, this month has been crazily busy for me, what with being rushed off my feet at work, then trying to catch up with all the projects needed for my little boy's school work and in between all that I have been decorating my new bedroom and buying all new carpet, and a bed and nice bits of furniture to go in it. This week has been particularly hectic, but I thought I would sit down, take 5 minutes out and blog about my November favourites.

To be honest what with changing rooms, my makeup is all over the place and I have been more or less sticking to the same type of looks because I just hadnt had the time to hunt out lots of different lipsticks and shadows. But hopefully (fingers crossed) by Sunday I should all be moved in and starting to organise things a little more. Here are the things that have got me through this crazy month

1) Very Irresistible by Givenchy
This perfume is so lovely and light, that it is perfect for wearing to work.It is quite a sweet smell, but lasts all day. What with my Alien perfume all gone(sob sob), I have had chance to try and use up some of my huge collection of perfumes, and this with Gucci Guilty have been my go to fragrances.

2)Olia hair colour
This hair colour has really helped me feel more confident in going out, because before my hair was very grey but since I have coloured my hair I feel like people arent looking at all the silver streaks and thinking she is old. Its really easy to apply and didnt leave a nasty odour in the room like some hair colourants can.

3)Rockateur Blush by Benefit
I LOVE this blush, it has been the only blush I have used all month, and look there is hardly a dent in it. Such a beautiful colour and leaves just a gentle hint of a shimmer. Just beautiful and highly recommend it.

4)Diamond Dog Eye Shadow By Urban Decay.
This eyeshadow is decieving. It looks just a plain boring  chocolate coloured shadow in the pan but oh my word, the glitter in it is gorgeous. The glitter runs all the way through the shadow, as well, not just layered on the top, like some cheap eyeshadows. Also, what makes it be my favourite too, is that the glitter does not fall down onto your cheeks during the day, so that you never end up looking like a huge glitterball. It is a stunning colour, and is perfect for those glittery looks that we like to wear around Christmas time.

5)NYC Sunny Bronzer
My bronzer for the month was NYC Sunny, it is a great bronzer, doesnt give off too much colour, and is not too orange based which is perfect for me as I don't like to look like I've been tangoed, it just gives a light flush of colour as if you have been in the sunshine. Again, I have used this over and over and it doesnt look like Ive used any.

6)Hello Flawless Foundation by Benefit
I love this foundation. I bought it off QVC to try as I had never seen it before, and so far Im really impressed, its not too runny, and gives a medium coverage which can be built up. Ive used up about a quarter of the bottle which is good for me, as I dont tend to go through foundations very quickly. But Im trying to use up half used things so that I dont let them go off before I can finish them.

7)False Lash Effect Mascara by Max Factor

I think you can still get this mascara at most drugstores, but it is a very good mascara, have had it a while though so it might have been a limited edition thing though. It gives perfect curl and volume, in just one coat which you could leave it at, but I always tend to give the eyelashes a second coat to ensure the lashes stay curled throughout the day.

8)Enummi Skincare
This skincare samples set was very kindly sent to me by a this company in America. A lovely lady named Heather contacted me and asked if I would like to recieve some skincare samples to try and see if I liked them. There were cleansers, toners, serums, day creams, eye creams and night creams in there. At the moment, the ones I have tried I am really enjoying and Im about halfway through the pack. Once I have used all the samples I will of course do a full review on my blog telling you whether I enjoyed it or not and whether I would recommend them.

9)Darling Kissable Balm Stain By Revlon
This is a beautiful colour, a blue based pink and because it comes in a crayon type tube, it is so easy to apply and you really dont need to use a mirror to apply it. Because I have been so busy this month, I have relyed on this because it is one of those lip crayons that you can just throw in your bag and not worry about. It complements every skin tone, and has a lovely minty taste when on the lips.

10)Bleu Asphalt Nail Polish by Bourjois
Now I am a nail polish addict, and I change my nail colour religiously every other day, whether it is chipped or not and so it is very unlikely that I would ever wear one colour more than twice in any month (yes, I do have a LOT of nail polish). But this month I have LOVED this colour, and repainted my nails 3 times in this. It is a slate bluey toned grey and is perfect for autumn/winter.

Well, that was my favourites for this month, what are yours? Let me know in the comments section.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx

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