Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award
Thank-you so much to Emma from for nominating me for the Liebster Award. In case you are unaware of what it represents it is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to helm them get out there into the Blogosphere and make new connections. If you have recieved the Liebster award, to accept the award please follow me on Google+. When you make your own nominations please follow the blogs of the bloggers you nominate and send them a note to let them know. The suggested number is 11

Here are the questions posed by Emma from Bellalovesbear.

1) Would you prefer an easy life or an interesting life?
I prefer an easy life. What with my poor health, I just need to rest a lot of the time and so there is nothing more that I like than to just relax and not have to worry about anything.

2) If you could know for certain the truth to any question or conspiracy theory throughout history, which truth would you want to uncover? You cant tell anyone else once you know?
I would want to know if they did really walk on the moon or whether it was all made up.

3) Do you believe in fate?
No, I dont think I do. I believe that you have to work hard for good things to happen and to make things happen. I dont think things just happen.

4)How will you recognise true love?
By someone accepting you for who you are, with all your quirks and funny ways and not trying to change you in any way.

5) Can you forgive and forget?
No, I never forgive or forget. I guess people will think thats harsh, but it is how I feel. If someone hurts you, then they are more than likely to hurt you again. A leopard never changes its spots. I am lot more wary since my marriage ended, I will never let my guard down.

6) Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana?
Chanel, definitely.

7) If you met your lifetime hero, would you be cool or would you totally lose it?
I would lose it definitely. My lifetime hero is Celine Dion, and I have loved her for 22 years and I think if I ever met her I would either faint or just burst into tears,lol.

8)If you commit to heels for the day do you carry flats in your bag just in case?
I am unable to wear heels because of my illnesses so wear flats all the time anyway. But if I was able to wear heels, yes, I would carry a pair of flats in my bag.

9)If you open a bag of sweets or chocolate can you put it away without finishing it?
Nope, no, NEVER,lol. I love my sweets and chocolate too much (even though I am under doctors orders to lose weight).

10) Which is your favourite season and why?
My favourite season is spring, as winter is too cold for my body and summer is too hot. I also like Autumn being able to watch all the different colours changing as the weather gets colder.

11) Which animal would you save from extinction?
That would have to be the orangutans. They are just such beautiful creatures, and have such amazing facial expressions, with those big eyes, that I think it would be a shame if they weren't around for future generations  to see.

My nominees are:


So here are my questions for you :

1) Would you prefer a beach holiday or a city holiday?
2) If you have £500 to spend on one brand of makeup what brand would you spend it on?
3) What is your favourite hobby other than blogging or shopping?
4) What is your favourite type of makeup that you have the most of  in your collection (e.g eyeshadows, or blush etc etc)
5) Do you have a favourite beauty magazine, and if so which one is it?
6) How often do you go to the hairdressers?
7) Have you ever been on a spa weekend and if so what pampering treatments did you enjoy (eg massage, or a facial, or pedicure)
8) How much in a month do you think u spend on makeup?
9) Is there anything you regret doing?
10) Do you paint your nails and if so what is your favourite brand and colour to paint them?

Love Zoe xxx


  1. Hi Zoe, thanks for nominating me! I will definitely post my answers within the next week or so :) was great to learn more about you!
    Tania x

  2. I loved reading your answers! It's always fun to get to know my fellow bloggers better. Thanks for sharing. (◕‿◕✿)


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