Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Perfect Palette Tag

The Perfect Palette Tag

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. I saw the ladies and gents on Youtube and thought it would be fun to do so here goes:

1) Which palette has the best packaging?
It has to be the Urban Decay Book Of Shadows IV. What with all the beautiful colours and the butterflies (which I love), it is just the prettiest palette I own and when you open the palette up, inside it looks like lots of pretty plastic butterflies are all flying out of the box at you.

2) Which palette has the best colour payoff?
That has to go to any of the Urban Decay palettes. No matter whether it is the bright shadows or the cooler neutrals, each shadow is so very pigments and opaque, yet still remains soft enough on the eyelid that you can blend easily and seamlessly.

3) Which is the most versatile palette?

I think the Naked palette is my favourite out of every palette I own. It has shadows where it looks like you are wearing nothing on your lids, then it has beautiful shimmery beiges and taupes. But it also has dramatic smoky shadows like deep greys and a black for an evening look.

4) Which palette is best for travelling?
I think the Naked palette again, because it is so sleek and compact that it will easily fit into any makeup bag or suitcase. The only downside to the palette is that something could slip in between the actual lid of the palette and the shadows which could cause some damage. So, to prevent this, I always just wrap the palette in a little bag to ensure it doesnt get damaged.

5) Which palette do you regret buying the most?
Hands down, that would have to be the Naked 2 palette. I thought that I would definitely use it because I loved the Naked 1 palette so much, but I really dont. I just time and time again reach for my Naked 1.

6) Which palette has the best colour names?
That would go to the Too Faced palettes, some of them have very risque names that would make your mother blush lol, e.g Lap Dance and Sexpresso etc etc lol

7) Which is my most used palette?
Either my Mac palettes with all my various go to colours. The ones I love the most at the moment are Omega, Soft Brown and Rice paper. Or the Naked 1 palette, just beautiful colours that I can wear to work on a daily basis.

8) Which palette would you take on a desert island with you ?
Defnitely the Naked Basics palette as it is just small and compact.

Well, that was the tag. I really hoped you enjoyed reading it. I tag everyone reading this to do this tag.

Happy Shopping

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx



  1. Interesting tag. I enjoyed reading your palette choices and oddly enough I don't own either Naked palette and now we hear that the Naked 3 is coming. Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing (◕‿◕✿)

    1. You definitely need one of the Naked palettes in your collection. They are lovely, beautiful shades , and lovely and buttery to apply, so that they just blend without any problem.


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