Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Little Superdrug haul

A Little Superdrug Haul

I know what you are thinking, "another haul?!?" but my justifcation to myself was that I had only spent half of the money that I had allocated to spend on Elf so if  I saw something in Superdrug I could buy it ( I know, the excuses us beauty addicts come up with to justify our spending.)

I really wanted the Bourjois Happy Light Foundation and Primer that I had seen advertised
I so needed a new primer as I am down to only 3 in my collection(gasp! horror), and I thought well, if Im going to buy the primer I may as well buy the co ordinating foundation to go with it. Then, whilst standing at the Bourjois stand I noticed a little sign saying that all Bourjois make up was 3 for 2!!! So in came an eye kajal that I had often looked at but I have never seen anyone review or comment on.
My first impression of it is it is very creamy when applied and very pigmented, I shall be looking forward to using this and seeing if it is better than the other liners that I have in my collection already.

Now Sleek, is a makeup stand that I often stop and have a look at all their beautiful eye shadow palettes that they have and some I already own, well this time it was a blush and contour palette that caught my eye and invariably ended up in the basket,oops!
This is the light blush and contour palette, isn't it just beautiful?

Then I had to walk past the Revlon stand and the Skinlights products are always advertised in the magazines I buy, so I was persuaded to buy one. It says its a face illuminator, which gave me the impression of being a highlighter  but to me its consistency was more of a foundation, so I will let you know my opinions of it in a later post.
Well, I promise that is the last of my haulage for this week. I need to reign in my spending a little. Although I have done very well today, gas and electric bill is paid and Im in credit on both. My Next catalogue bill has reduced in payment and all other bills have been paid. Plus Christmas shopping is all done, so a very productive week so far.

Hope you are having a fab week too

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx

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