Thursday, 5 December 2013

All About Eyes Tag

All About Eyes Tag

I know you are supposed to wait till you are tagged before you can do tag posts, but I saw this one on a few YouTube videos and thought I would have a go on my blog, so here goes.

1) What is your favorite eye cream/serum?
Now, I never used to wear eye creams or serums, but now I'm beginning to become an old lady, the old crows feet are beginning to show and so I thought I should try to do something to slow down their advancement. So , recently when the No 7 was on offer with a voucher, I purchased some of the No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense eye cream, and I'm trying to consciously remember to apply it both morning and night time. I will let you know if it has made any difference. Once I run out of it, I think I would like to try the Origins Ginzeng eye cream, as this is very popular with the ladies on You Tube.

2) What is your favorite under eye concealer?
Hands down it has to be the Maybelline Instant Age Eraser Concealer. It covers and conceals the dark bags I have . Im trying to use up my Mac Studio Fix concealer at the moment, but it is so sticky and hard to blend, that I think I will just stick to my Maybelline because I find it never creases and blends so easily.

3) What is your favorite eyebrow product?
This is a very quick short answer as I do not do anything to my eyebrows. The most I ever do is tweezer them, but even that I find very painful, and makes me cry. I have tried both Rimmel and Bare Minerals eyebrow products but have found that nothing shows up.

4)What is your favorite eye primer?
I love the Mac paint pots for creating a beautifully smooth base to apply the shadows over. I have 4 paint pots, Painterly, Soft Ochre, Bare Study and Camel Coat but Painterly is my most favorite one as it is the one I find to be more like my natural skin tone.

5) What is your favorite eye shadow palette?
I know I have said this before many times but it has to be my Naked palette by Urban Decay.
Whenever I cant decide what eye look to go with, I almost always go back to my trusty Naked palette. Barely there looks, gold looks, deep smokey looks, this palette can do it all, and is just so very versatile.

6)What is your favorite eye makeup remover ?
For me at the moment I am using the Simple moisturizing facial wash, and this tends to easily get rid of all that stubborn eye liner and mascara, without it stinging my eyes. I also use a lot of the Simple facial wipes too which are just as effective, but are easier when you are tired and you just want to go to bed.

7) What is your favorite mascara?
Gosh, it wasn't until yesterday when I have been sorting out all my makeup, that I realized what a huge collection of mascaras I have. EeeeK!! Lets just say I have 27 mascaras!!! And most of them I have tried and used only a couple of times and so I really need to work at using them before they dry out and I have to throw them away. But my holy grail mascara that I use the most Is Maybelline's The Rocket. It lengthens, volumizes, and curls my lashes, without any clumping or smudging.

8) What type of eyeliner is your favorite? (i.e kohl pencil, liquid liner, or gel liner)
I love my kohl pencils as I find them easier to use. I only ever line my waterline as I just cannot get to grips with lining my top lashes, and as for tight lining, no way!!Liquid liner I have tried a few times but the mess I get into is no ones business. I end up with panda eyes. I tried again tonight just before starting this blog, but my son looked at me and said "mommy, why have you got Egyptian eyes?"so off i went to wash it all again and gave up. Gel liner is my second favorite as it is quite easy to apply, but I find that it can wear off extremely quickly.

9) What is your favorite single eye shadow?
I have found this so very difficult to answer as I literally have over a hundred single shadows if not more, and so I sat down and began to go through them and it is so hard to choose, but I eventually settled on one of my trusty Mac faithfuls, as it is just an easy shadow to apply all over the lid for a simple wash of color or you can use it in your crease as your transition shade. The color is Mac's Omega.

10) What is your favorite sunglasses?
I don't tend to wear sunglasses a lot, only in the very height of summer. But I'm forever forgetting them, or losing them so I don't bother with them. But last year I bought a pair of Celine sunglasses, which have huge black shades and some like diamante crystals at the side, and make me feel like a real star lol. So those are my favorite ones at the moment.

Well, that is the end of the tag. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I tag every single one of you to do this tag too.

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx

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  1. Great answers! I don't have the Naked 1 palette, but I do love the Naked 2. I'm NOT wasting my money on the Naked 3. I know some have, but that one just doesn't appeal to me. I may buy the Naked 1 someday, but I chose the Naked 2 because I thought the colors suited my eyes better. ;) Loads of love from across the ocean!


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