Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December 2013 Empties Part 3

December 2013 Empties Part 3

Well, here we go again.The final instalment of my December 2013 empties. I'm sorry there has been so many and next month I will try to post earlier in the month if I have lots of empties totting up.

The first empty is Oral B 3D white Radiant mint toothpaste. I really like this toothpaste as it did seem to leave my teeth looking whiter each time I used it.My little boy liked it as well, although you do have to watch children under the age of 6 whilst using it, and he only used a small pea sized amount on his little toothbrush.
Next up is the Monu First Defence Illuminating face primer with SPF15. I recieved this in a Glossybox and was very sceptical on how it would work, but I was pleasantly surprised.It did leave my face feeling smoother and allowed my foundation to glide on seamlessly.It contained Vitamin E and was paraben free which is very good for the skin.Also in the primer was mica for radiance, protecting Zinc Oxide, and moisture boosting blackcurrant seed oils. I always think its such a good thing to have as many natural ingredients included in your cosmetic products as it cant be good to be plastering your skin in artificial chemicals.
Third on the list is the Cath Kidston wild rose hand cream. It comes in a beautiful pink 30 ml tube. This was a pleasure to use, and really sank into the skin straight away. I will say though it is very strongly scented, so if you don't like rose then you definitely will not like this hand cream.
I finished another of the Baylis and Harding body lotions in the scent of sweet mandarin and grapefruit. This was nice but really hard to get out of the bottle. I wish these came with a little pump dispenser, as that would be perfect.
Last of all are 2 items that I tried, and I was totally thrilled when I was able to purchase some Elizabeth Arden as I had never been able to get my hands on any before so when I managed to get my hands on a special set I was thrilled. But once I began to try them, I was really shocked at how I hated some of them. The moisturising lip balm was lovely and I will continue to use it all the time but the eight hour skin protectant cream and the intensive moisturising hand treatment I tried twice but there is just no way that I could carry on using it.

The hand cream just smells absolutely awful.It just reeks of chemicals . Don't get me wrong the lotion sank into the skin straight away and is probably very good at protecting the skin in the winter but the I just could not get past the awful smell.The eight hour cream is a very thick gel like consistency  and just reeks of hospitals. What is with the smells????
So that is finally the end of my December empties. I hope you enjoyed all 3 empties posts.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx


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