Thursday, 26 December 2013

Final Review Of The Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calender

Final Review Of The Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calender
Well, my mini mani advent calender is now empty. It was so exciting wondering what colour nail polish I would be getting each day. There were a mixture of creams, glitters and confetti that were included in the selection and also provided was a base coat "underwear" and a speed coat to help those lovely colours dry quicker. As if you are anything like me, I am very impatient once my nails are painted and I hate waiting so anything to speed up the drying time comes in very handy.
I did like most of the polishes included in the calender, but I found a lot of the caviar pearls and glitter dust were very tricky to apply (got in a right mess with the excess product tending to go everywhere other than the nail), and it was a little difficult to get an even coating. Although with a lot more practice Im sure that will stop being a problem, as it was the first time I had really come into types of polishes like these.

Above I have tried to illustrate some of the shades of the polishes that were included and you can clearly see that the glitters/caviar pear just didn't work out properly. But the cream polishes in the collection were very smooth to apply to the nails. With all the cream polishes apart from the red shade "Boudoir" they went on very sheer but they were buildable and went on opaque after two coats. Even with two coats the polish did not streak or go uneven in any way. I will say that Ciate polishes are great quality.Boudoir was fully opaque in one coat and I totally adore this colour. A great Christmas/New Years colour and will easily be usable in the spring and summer months.

I will now list the colour names included and a description of the type of polish it is.

Fit For A Queen- This is a silver polish with a delicate silver shimmer running through it
Christmas Tree Caviar Pearls- This has very tiny silver, red and green pearls
Kiss Chase- A creamy bright pink bubblegum shade
Play Date- A cream red/burnt orange shade
Hopscotch-A bright cream orange polish
Ivory Queen-A delicate baby pink with a tiny silver shimmer in it
Ferris Wheel-A baby blue cream polish
Jingle Belle-A glitter to be added onto a base coat, it is mainly a salmon pink colour but with green and blue
glitters running through it
Pepperminty-A mint green cream polish
Boudoir- A true classic red cream polish
Confetti-A silver based polish but with small multicoloured glitters within. Extremely sparkly.
Miss Miseltoe- A red, orange, gold, pink loose glitter to be applied onto a base coat
Encore-Another red/orange cream polish, this has (in my opinion) a slight tinge of a brown shade to it too.
Pillow Fight-A light grey cream polish
Frost Yourself-Caviar pearls in Royal Blue, purple and silver, these need to be applied over a base coat.
Sugar Plum- A cream lilac/purple polish
Locket-A silver based polish with chunky silver glitters running through.
Amazing Gracie- A cream ivory polish (very sheer when applied)
Members Only -A baby pink shade with micro multi coloured shimmers running thoughout
Party Shoes- A clear base polish with gold, purple, and green glitters in it. Fantastic sparkle to this polish.
Snow globe- Another clear based polish but with chunky irridescent glitters, in mint green, lilac and pink.

The full size polish(13.5mls) that I recieved on the 24th was Serendipity, a beautiful rose pink base with cerise glitters and shimmers throughout. I love this polish, would be perfect on toes in the summer.

Final thoughts
I am very glad that I bought this calender. There were some really nice colours, and the glitters and caviar pearls were nice to try but I doubt I would purchase these in store if they were not in the calender. I wish there had been maybe some darker shades, maybe purples or blues but overall I think the colour range was quite good. I think it was good value for money (£42.00) from Debenhams. Would I recommend this advent calender? Yes I would as they are a great polish brand and the quality of the polishes are great and remain chip proof for 4-5 days, which is unusual for me as I work in manual handling and so for my polish to remain chip proof for that long is unheard of.

I will leave you now with some pictures of the different polishes. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your opinions if you tried this calender too.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I always see the beginning of this advent calendar but never remember seeing any follow ups. So thank you for posting this!

  2. No problem. I loved it but dont think I will be purchasing this years one. I think I will try a different one, maybe the Body Shop one.


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