Thursday, 26 December 2013

Gifts I received Xmas 2013

Gifts I received Xmas 2013

Now this blog post is in no way bragging or showing off, I just thought it might be an interesting post for my followers to read.

My son had so many toys, chocolates and gifts that we came home with 4 HUGE gift bags full, and Im not kidding you about 15 chocolate gift sets. He was so polite though and thanked everyone for their gifts with big hugs and kisses for his grandparents, aunt and me. I love to buy him what he wants and watching his little face light up every time he found something else he had really wanted, made all the scrimping and scraping worthwhile.

I had received some money from my partner and bought my treasured Tom Ford lipstick in Spanish Nude, my Naked 3 palette, and my Kat Von D Tattoo foundation. Also from my partners family received the Alien gift set and my 2 Christmas jumpers, which I have written a previous blog post on.

I was so very lucky to receive the gifts I had and here are the ones I got. From Daniel, I received a beautiful leather watch as since I started my new medication I have become allergic to plastic and metal strapped watches and so I had asked for a watch with a leather strap to relieve the irritation. I also got a huge box of Thorntons Classic chocolates, and 2 pairs of bed socks, which I love.

From my sister I had a beautiful beige knitted cardigan and a 2014 calender.
Then from my parents I had a lovely dinner service, as because of my clumsiness I had smashed that many glasses and plates that I only had 3 plates, no glasses and 2 bowls, so this gift will really come in handy (as long as I don't keep smashing them that is), a box of Thorntons mint chocolates, some of my favorite Yankee Candles in scents I have never had before, so I was thrilled to receive these, and some socks which I am forever running out of as I tend to lose them to the dreaded lost sock monster. I always put the pairs in the wash together but half the time only one comes back out?!? Does that tend to happen to any one else?
Also, from other family members I received  some lovely food gifts, that my son has already promised me that if I don't eat them, then he will happily help me out.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what gifts you recieved.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx

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