Saturday, 21 December 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Well, it has reached that time of the year when normally sane people get all moody and panicky and we all race around like headless chickens trying to get that all so "perfect" gift.

This year I have tried to be so very prepared and wrote lists, and I even started buying gifts back in September so that the financial burden would not be so great in November and December. The hardest person I have found this year is my little boy. He is absolutely obsessed with the computer game Minecraft and so every time I asked him what he would like off Father Christmas the answer was always "nothing", and so as any parent knows that is the most awkward answer in the world.
So  after a lot of flicking through Christmas gift guides from various stores, he has about 7 or 8 gifts to open on Xmas morning, which was a lot more than I originally thought I would be able to get him.

For me, I know that Xmas is nearly here when the German Market arrives in my town. Then the madness descends. I had planned to make a blog post about it, but unfortunately, I haven't felt strong enough to make the long walk around it. But hopefully next year will be better.

I love looking at all the gorgeous Xmas decorations and lights that are about, and you can get some really beautiful and  unusual ones now. I love the old traditional colours of Xmas, all the reds, greens and golds. But there are some really beautiful trees now in all sorts of pinks and purples and I have even seen a white tree decorated with just black tinsel and baubles which looked so lovely.
I have had my tree up since the first day of December, if it was up to my little boy, I think we would have to have put the tree up way back in October.  One thing that bugs me about the shops is that they start putting Christmas stuff out in September. so that when December does finally get here, sometimes I feel like I'm sick of the whole thing already.

Daniel, as he does every year had an advent calendar, one from me, and one from his nanny and granddad. Now normally he is really good and just eats the one he is supposed to. But this year I walked into the living room and he had opened every door on each the calendars and eaten every single chocolate. He hadn't even saved me one!!!
I might be weird in saying this but I absolutely love jokes that you find in Christmas Crackers. They are just so stupid that I always find them hilariously funny. So whilst browsing round my local Pound land, I had to pick a box up so that me and Daniel can have some fun, wearing silly hats and laughing at the awful jokes.
I also love all the Novelty chocolate you can find in the shops. As I am typing this, my partner is devouring the Santa you see in the picture, and he reports that the chocolate is really good. I hate cheap chocolate and so my son or family get them as presents. (I'm a Cadburys chocolate girl).

This last week at work( I work in Boots the Chemists) the store has been bedlam, and can only imagine that the 2 days next week are going to be worse. But hopefully people will be feeling the Christmas cheer and everyone will be in good moods.

I love all the Christmas films on the telly and love listening to all the Xmas songs on in the shops when shopping for presents. I wonder if we will get a white Xmas this year. That would be perfect.

I hope you are all looking forward to Xmas

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx

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