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My makeup choices for a glamorous look for Xmas

My Makeup Choices For a Glamorous Look For Xmas

Now, I don't do going out really, I dont like to go out drinking and I cant dance anymore due to illness so Xmas parties I tend to stay away from. Im a proper home body, I love to be all curled up on the sofa, with a cup of herbal tea, reading a good book.

But I know at this time of year, there are lots of parties to go to and lots of celebrating to do so i thought I would give you a few suggestions on what makeup I would choose for a glamorous look.

Whether putting on that little black dress or looking smart casual in jeans and a dressy top, glamorous makeup can just add the finishing touch and transform your overall look.

For me, knowing I have more expensive makeup on tends to make me feel more glam immediately, and makes me take my time over applying my makeup so I get the look just right.
Now a serum like this Lancome Visionnaire, is the perfect way to begin your routine, as this smoothes out your skin and gives you a flawless base to apply your foundation on top of. It helps to correct skintone, reduce the look of wrinkles and makes the skin appear more even.

Then a foundation like the Revlon Photo ready would be perfect to wear, as this foundation does not give your skin a white cast in those all important photos that everyone will be taking. I have been a victim of the white look when wearing a foundation that doesn't suit photo taking, and it is so not a good look.

Now with the eye shadows, I would go a for a glittery sparkly look, to match all the glitter and sparkle from all the xmas decorations and lights around you. I chose the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette as an example as it has dark glittery shades, to give you that sultry smoky eye, or just a light sheer wash of the light glitter shade to opt for a more subtle eye look. The thing to remember with the glitter shadows is if you want the glitter intense, then wet your brush with either just plain tap water, or a spray like the Mac Fix + or any other setting spray that you have in your collection, and then it will give you a much more bold look.

If you are worried about having glitter fallout on your cheekbones then, if you do your foundation before your eyes, apply a small amount of face powder under your eyes then once finished just with a large powder or kabuki brush,it is very easy just to sweep the excess fallout and powder away. Or when you have got the shadow onto your brush, just tap it softly on the edge of the eyeshadow pot just to get rid of any loose excess shadow.

Urban Decay, Barry M and Mac all do some beautiful glitter eyeshadows and so if you dont like the Too Faced Palette, have a little scout around your local drugstores and Im sure you will find some glittery eye shadows you will like.

Now for highlight there are two in my collection that I would recommend. I love Mac's Soft and Gentle. It is a beautiful golden highlight, that just gives a delicate sheen to you cheekbones (this could be used for eye shadow too). But the newest one that I just adore is Laura Mercier's Spellbound.
Isn't it just beautiful? It almost seems like a shame to use it, but the delicate gold sheen this gives on the skin is just lovely. If you have a low cut dress or top you could just sweep a tiny bit over your shoulders and decolletage to give your skin a lovely golden tanned gleam.

Mascara, well. At the moment my holy grail is The Rocket by Maybelline and so this could be used in the daytime and for a glamourous nigh time event, as it gives amazing curl, volume and length to your lashes, without any smudging on your eyelid or lower lash line. I would put extra layers of the mascara on though to really emphasise them. Make sure to comb the lashes through between each coat though so that the lashes dont clump together. Another recommendation I would give would be Lancome Doll Lashes, I've had this in my collectio for a while, so Im not sure that you are still able to purchase this but it is an excellent mascara and rivals The Rocket.
Bright lipstick would be my next choice as when i think of Glamour, I instantly think of Marilyn Monroe and screen icons like her, who always looked stunning in a bright red lipstick, say for instance Mac's Ruby Woo, as this is a true red. I would apply a lip balm first to act as a moisturiser, as it can be a very drying lipstick. I would apply one coat first, then blot on some tissue and then reapply a second coat to give it ultimate staying power. You could also apply  lip liner to ensure that the red lipstick does not bleed into the fine lines around the lips, as this is not an attractive look.

If you would prefer to go with a smoky eye but a neutral lip, you could go for something like Tom Ford's Spanish Pink which is neutral but classy in a "my lips but better " kind of approach.
Last of all, to put the finishing touches to any look would be perfume. The ultimate glamourous perfume and fragrance would be Chanel's No 5. So classy and elegant and would totally complete the glamourous Xmas look that we all want for those Christmas parties.

I hope you find this post useful, let me know some of your choices for a glamourous Xmas look.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx


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