Monday, 9 December 2013

My Max Factor mascara collection

My Max Factor Mascara collection
When sorting out my mascara's to go into my new Alex drawers I realised that I have a huge collection of mascaras. To be honest, more than I would ever need and most would probably dry up or go bad before I got the full use out of them. Which is a shame as it could be seen as wasting money. So I have made a conscious decision not to buy  any more mascaras until I'm down to only 5 in my collection, and so this also means I have 22!!! Yes you read that correctly 22 mascaras to use up.

It is shocking that they can mount up so quickly, its just that I see them on offer and I instinctively think " I haven't got that one" and before I know it I'm at the till, and that's another mascara in my makeup stash.

The brand I have the most mascaras of is  Max Factor. I do tend to love their mascaras, they give length, volume and curl and just give an all round good performing application.  

Here they are in more detail :
This is the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara, and for me this is one of the best ones. It has an hourglass shaped wand which I feel helps to give the lashes extreme length and curl, and the shape also helps to grab every single lash, even the tiny ones.

Now this one is called the False Lash effect and is supposed to give volume and length. It does do exactly that, and gives a really good finish to your lashes without it smudging or smearing beneath your eyes giving a panda eyed look. This wand is a lot smaller than the previous Mega Volume mascara wand.

All the Max Factor wands are made from plastic and most of them vary in design although with the False Lash effect mascaras it is only a very subtle difference.
The mascara above is the False Lash effect Full lashes Natural look mascara and its aim is to give you a very soft look to your lashes so that it looks as if you haven't got any mascara on. The wand is very short and is wider at the base then narrows down to the tip.It is quite a compact brush but does give a good curl to the lashes but I cant particularly say that it provides a natural look, although the claim that it makes your lashes look full is correct and is a very nice mascara.

This mascara claims that it will give you voluminous lashes for 24 hours. Now although I have worn this mascara a lot, and have enjoyed wearing it. I cannot say whether it lasts for 24 hours, as I normally remove my mascara after 12 hours. To be honest, who would wear mascara for that long anyway without it smudging or flaking. The bristles are compact but the wand head is larger than the previous 2 mascaras and so takes a little more effort to apply evenly.

This is the latest addition to my mascara collection and have yet to wear it. But when I bought it, it said limited edition but on looking closer at the packaging it looks exactly like the gold mascara, and so didn't really need it in my collection. But hey ho, thats the risk us beauty lovers take when we add to our already huge stash of beauty things.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my world of mascaras. Let me know in the comments if you have any of these and whether you like them or not.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx

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