Sunday, 1 December 2013

My New Bedroom/Makeup Room

My New Bedroom/Make Up Room

Since my little boy decided that my bedroom ( the largest room in the house) was now going to be his, I have been using the tiny box room as my bedroom, due to the second bedroom just being an old junk heap. Everything got thrown in their, empty boxes for electrical goods, Christmas decorations, Sun Loungers, Old dvds, cds, everything you can think of was in there.

To be honest I hated the room, I just tended to open the door, throw something in there so it was out of the way and shut the door again. the wall paper was turquoise blue wood chip, there was a huge crack in the ceiling, there was damp all over the walls and no carpet. 

But being in the box room was just no good for my back. I was lying on a tiny single bed, with an old lumpy mattress, that the springs were sticking out of, and it just wasn't good for my health. 

Then my mom and dad proposed to help me renovate the second bedroom. Those words instilled fear in me!! I HATE change, I like routine and nothing changing, as I suffer with my nerves and anxiety, knowing that I was going to have to throw out stuff and paint and buy new wallpaper etc etc just filled me with dread. So, I stayed quiet on the subject for months, never mentioning the fact, that there was no room for all of my stuff in the box room and that my back and legs were killing me due to not being able to lie comfortably in bed at night.

Then, one day all that changed, I came home from being at my partners for the weekend, and there was my dad stripping away all that blue wood chip. My stomach sank. It had begun, the process that i had been putting off for as long as I could. But, I helped remove the paper from the walls, the ceiling was cleaned, the damp removed and I even painted the skirting boards.

The wallpaper was a nightmare to choose, because in the past I could never have the choice in what went in the house, so to be left with what style I wanted was daunting. I settled on that I wanted it pink, flowery, girly and as feminine as I could get it.

Then came carpet choices, what texture, colour, underlay, no underlay. Oh it was so confusing. In the end the carpet fitter when he arrived to lay the carpet, turned up with the wrong colour, and my poor dad had to break it to me over the phone (because my partner had taken me out shopping as he knew I would be a bag of nerves having someone laying carpet down). I was really upset, but told dad to let the man lay the carpet as it was and if I didn't like it when I saw it, I would just phone them and get them to remove it and lay the correct colour. Fortunately I loved it, and it really matches the wallpaper beautifully. I felt like that error was a blessing in a way.

Next came choosing the right bed. Now this was an important decision because of my poor health, the mattress was essential to get right. Even when I had chosen it, I was filled with doubt, I even went back to the shop as I was unsure that I had picked the right one. Then when the bed was delivered it arrived 2 1/2 hours late, and then we couldn't get the feet to go into the base board, so we had to ring the shop back up to get someone to help us set the bed up.

Now, I felt like it was starting to get somewhere and I could visualise where I wanted the rest of my furniture. My new 9 drawer Alex unit  that I had ordered from Ikea, was all ready assembled by my dad and so me and my partner (with some effort) managed to put up in the one corner of my room. Man! That thing was heavy.

Bedside table was moved into place and then it was done. My new makeup room/bedroom was complete. I am still moving things in and putting them where I want, and where I will remember where they are, but my dream room has arrived. I am so very grateful for the help that my parents and my partner gave me in getting me to have the room of my dreams. It is girly, pink and very me, and will be filled with the thing that I love MAKE UP.

Below I will post some pictures and I hope you like the look of my new room :)

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx


  1. Oh Zoe, your new room is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm SO happy for you! YAY!! I would do a happy dance for you, but I just don't think I could pull that off today, haha. loads of love from across the ocean!

  2. Thanks Teri,I am really pleased with the way it came out


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