Friday, 13 December 2013

Naked 3 Palette

Naked 3 Palette
Yes! Yes! Yes! At long last, after seeing everyone and their dog raving about the Naked 3 Palette. Today i finally managed to get my hands on the beauty itself, and to be honest yes it is as beautiful as they say it is.

After the warm tones of the Naked 1 shadows, and the cool tones of the Naked 2 shadows, now it is the turn of the rosy pink shades.

As with the Naked 2 palette, the case is made of tin and has a rippling look on the lid. It reminds me of the pattern waves make on a sandy beach when the tide goes out.So this case seems very sturdy and travel friendly.
Now for the big reveal, I had definitely geared myself up for seeing the shadows for myself for the first time, and was hoping that my my first reaction and impression wasn't one of disappointment. But to be honest I was more than pleased.
The palette comes with 12 brand new shades, all of various rosy pink hues and a dual ended brush, which I find great because the Urban Decay brushes are made of very high quality. Both of the brush tips are very soft but the bristles are tightly packed so not allowing for much movement so I don't think I will be able to use them for blending but, I will be able to use the brushes to pack the colours onto the eyelid.

The palette comes with 2 pure matte shades. The first shade in the palette that I thought might be good to use as a highlighter has a few specks of glitter in it, but I don't know whether that is due to fallout from the other shades so when I do my review on the palette I will let you know whether it can be used as a true highlight.

 My favourite shades in the palette are Dust (2nd shade), Buzz (5th shade), Trick (6th shade), and Blackheart (12th shade). The Blackheart shade is simply stunning, its a black but with a red glitter running right through it. 

To be honest if you prefer matte shades then this palette is most definitely not for you, but if shimmer and sparkle are on your wishlist this ticks all the boxes.

I purchased the palette at Debenhams for the price of £37.00. I had been on the waiting list for 3 weeks and the official launch isnt supposed to be until Monday 16th December, but because I had reserved one I was able to get one today, YAY!!

I will do a review on the whole palette in a few weeks time when I have had time to create looks and play with the shadows to find out their textures, and whether there is fallout etc etc.

I am so pleased to be able to add this palette to my Urban Decay collection, and if you like rosy pink shades then I recommend this palette as I am sure there will be a shade that you will fall in love with, (if not the whole palette).

Let me know in the comments if you have this palette, or whether you will be purchasing it.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx

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