Sunday, 22 December 2013

Three Early Xmas Gifts

Three Early Xmas Gifts

This past weekend, I spent at my partners house with him and his children, and because I wont see them on Christmas Day, we decided to hold a little present opening a few days early.

All the children gathered on the floor, whilst I handed out my gifts to them, their faces were magical especially the littlest who could barely contain his excitement. He ripped off the paper in such a hurry I was worried that he was going to damage the box inside, but luckily he didn't and his face when he saw the Remote control car was a picture and straight away he wanted to play with it. But stupid me had forgot to buy batteries and so we had to tell him to wait until the next day so that I could pop to the shop and get some. But he was soon consoled with some chocolate.

The two middle children I had decided to buy them art sets as they are both very talented in painting and drawing, so they seemed really pleased with the painting by numbers sets and the scraper art sets, and wanted to start them straight away which they did.

The eldest is crazy about One Direction and so I had bought her a toiletries set, that had lip gloss and eye shadows and blush in, and a lovely little toiletry bag, she could keep it all in. She was so pleased and just kept grinning at me and straight away began to cut out the One Direction poster on the back.

Then it was my turn. I get really anxious when I know people are going to be watching me and my reactions to gifts as I want them to know that I love all the gifts and want them to know I am pleased but sometimes, my facial expressions dont always show that.

I knew what the first present was going to be, and oh my word, it was just as beautiful as I had imagined, it was my beloved Alien Perfume Gift set. The box was styled to look like a big book and it will look so lovely on top of my Alex set of drawers. You then open the front cover and you are met by a 30ml eau de parfum, a 100 ml body lotion and a 30ml shower gel.

Isn' it just beautiful ? Alien is my most favourite perfume of all time and so to get this as a gift was wonderful. Now if you are anything like me, I LOVE cheesy Christmas jumpers and think they are all just really fun and festive. The last two presents I opened were 2 totally different Xmas jumpers and I have no idea which one I am going to choose to wear on Xmas Day. I might have to just wear one on the morning and then one on the afternoon lol.

Aren't they just the best? I love the penguin one the most though I think. Now I can hear you all saying well what did I get my partner, dont worry he was not forgotten. Earlier in the year, I had bought him FIFA14 for the x box 360, WWE14, xbox gold live points, even though he has explained so many times I still don't really know what they are lol. I also bought him yesterday, Ralph Lauren Polo Red aftershave and a new belt, so be sure that Mrs Christmas paid him a visit too. He also gave me some money to buy my make up with, and so far I have bought the Tom Ford lipstick, the Naked 3 palette, the Urban Decay Naked highlighter and the Kat Von D Tattoo foundation, which I adore.

Im a very lucky girl and I appreciate all the gifts that were given to me so much.

Hope you enjoyed this blog

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx


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  1. I loooooove your Christmas jumpers, I am really into them this year but they are not easy to find over here, I like the penguin one the most. X :)


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