Tuesday, 7 January 2014

An Evening At The Pantomime (featuring Gok Wan)

An Evening At The Pantomime (featuring Gok Wan)

Hi fellow bloggers. I thought I would give you a little snippet of the amazing night I had seeing the Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs pantomime at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

When my mom and dad had announced that they were taking me and Daniel (my little boy) to the pantomime, I was less than impressed. To be honest I really did not want to go. I couldnt imagine anything worse, pretending to laugh at stupid jokes and scenery falling down. Nope, but i just said "ok thats great" and went along with it.

It was only when I found out that it was at the Birmingham Hippodrome and it had Gok Wan (who I love), Gary Wilmot, and Stephanie Beacham in it, that I began to get excited and really look forward too it.

Well, the night arrived, and it was freezing cold and rainy when we were walking up to the Hippodrome, and so I was glad to be inside, when I realised how gorgeous the theatre was. There was velvet carpet, and chandeliers, and Christmas Trees everywhere, and twinkling lights sparkling everywhere.

People were hustling and bustling and children were laughing and really excited about the upcoming show. I was really happily shocked as well when I went up to buy a programme as most shows I have been to in the past, they normally cost between £15.00-£20.00, but this one was £4.50. So that was a total bargain.

Then it was time to go and take our seats. Well, we were quite high up and that took a minute or two for me to get accustomed to it, as the seat are very crammed in and so there is very little room to move once you are seated. But the whole theatre and stage was absolutely beautiful and here are just a couple of photos before the show began as you were not allowed to take photos once the pantomime began, and I saw a couple of people being spoken to while the show was on about not taking photos.

See how ornate the ceiling is! Very beautiful.

Then the show began and straight away it was amazing. Gok Wan was just brilliant and really portrayed himself brilliantly, his whole character came through in the speeches he did, and his singing was really good.

The set design was really detailed and really helped you imagine where the characters were and the flying dragon actually flew out over the audience which shocked everyone. But the script was really good and there were jokes for the children and adults too. You know the ones "He's behind you" and all that jazz. But then there were the adult humorous parts too, where I laughed out loud and Daniel kept looking at me all confused as if to say "whats funny mom?"

Stephanie Beacham was fantastic as the Wicked Queen and her costumes were beautiful. During the panto, there were parts where the audience had to get involved too, and it was really funny. There was a man in the panto who was a ventriloquist and had a puppet and he was hilarious. If you have heard of Jeff Dunham and his puppets, then this bloke was just like him and I think funnier in some ways.

The dwarves were played by men kneeling down and having the little legs in front of them as if they were really tiny little people. I would imagine it must have really been hard moving across the stage as quickly as they did on their knees but they did it really well, and at some points even danced whilst kneeling.

There was even a part where one character came out onto the stage with a water gun and started spraying everyone in the audience. Now that you wouldn't expect to see at a traditional pantomime.

But overall, it was an amazing night. I totally loved it, and loved seeing Gok Wan. Looking forward to this years pantomime now, which is supposed to be Jack and The Beanstalk.

The motto to this story is, never think bad about something until you have done it as it may turn out to be a better experience than you thought in the first place.

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my evening at the Panto.

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx

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