Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bloggers 2014 Challenge: Skincare (2nd topic)

Bloggers 2014 Challenge: Skincare (2nd topic)

I have loved make up and beauty for a long time now, but taking care of my skin has not been one of my top priorities. Don't get me wrong, I cleaned my skin with soap and water, but I didn't look after it and nourish it like I should have done. For many years I looked at moisturisers and serums, but when looking at the prices of them it tended to put me off. £20 and £30 for creams just didn't seem worth it to me.

Now I'm getting more mature in years, shall we say?!? I have noticed the creeping up of time and it seems to be marching up all over my face!! Wrinkles here, crows feet there and just a general dullness of my skin. So about 18 months ago, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to make an effort with my skincare and create a routine that I could stick too and that was not too hard hitting on the old purse strings.

I started by making sure that every morning I moisturised my skin, even though I suffer with an oily/combination skin type I knew that it was still important to add some moisture back, especially in the cold harsh winter months. There were many moisturisers to choose from but I decided to go for one that helped with breakouts too, as I still suffer from hormonal acne.
I had been very poor with my diet too and so resolved to eat more fruits and vegetables to help clean out the rubbish from my system. If you are going to look after your skin from the outside, it definitely helps to treat it more kindly from the inside too. I had a really bad habit of drinking Coca Cola too, as it just satisfied my sweet tooth that I had. But I banned that from my diet and started to drink flavoured water as plain water, just was not my favourite drink of choice.

One of the most important things when you wear make up daily is to cleanse your face properly. And definitely DO NOT go to bed with your make up still applied as this is a definite way to wake up with a nasty spot/pimple. I know what its like when you are absolutely shattered after a hard day at work/school and all you want to do is to go to sleep, but it is so worth the time even if you just spend 5 minutes with a make up wipe ( not the best way to cleanse, used on its own) but your skin will thank you in the long run.

I have used cleansing wipes in the past to get rid of the easy make up, but then I always try to double cleanse using a cream/gel cleanser to ensure all the make up is off. There are many good cleansers out there on the market, and I do try to vary what products I use as then your skin does not get accustomed to it and you can ensure a good clean skin every time.

Another thing I have started to do is to try and take vitamins to try and not just improve my overall health but the health of my skin too. There are specific vitamins you can take for skin, hair and nails, but at the moment I have just been using these multivitamins to give myself an extra boost all round.
I have only just started to add an extra step into my routine and that was to add a rich night cream to my skin so that whilst I was asleep the cream could be doing its magic and hopefully helping to slow down those ever so sneaky wrinkles and lines that seem to be arriving daily.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this and I hope it gave you some tips on how to try and stop Time attacking your face.

Love and hugs.

Zoe xxx



  1. Great to read your second post for the #2014bloggerchallenge. I too am trying to eat healthier and take vitamins this year in the hope that it will help my dry skin.
    Laura x | My Life in a Blog

    1. Thankyou for taking the time to read my post. x together we will improve our skin. x

  2. Great post! I love the dual action moisturizer, my skin freaks without it. I use to use cetaphil but that actually broke me out :(. Now I use cerave, its basically the same thing but it doesn't break me out.

    xo Franchesca

    1. Im sorry to hear the Cetaphil breaks you out. I guess thats why there are so many products on the market, because we all suit different things. Its all just trial and error all the time.


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