Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My First Nandos Experience

My First Nandos Experience

Hi fellow bloggers. I don't know about you, but I have a "bucket list". This is a list of things I would love to do and try before I "kick the bucket". Morbid, I know but I feel that by having this list in my head, it is helping me push my boundaries and experiencing new things in life. For example, swim with dolphins and see an opera are just two of the many things included on my list.

Also, on the list I have places I want to visit and restaurants I want to eat at, and Nandoswas one restaurant I had never tried before. I had heard many people speak of them going there and enjoying the food and so when we were in town at the weekend, me and my partner decided to go and have lunch there.

We got there early as from previous experiences of walking past there, there were always large queues of people waiting to go in. 

We were seen to promptly by a very nice lady who ushered us to our table, and asked if we had ever eaten there before. We explained we hadn't and she explained the different things on the menu, how to order our food, and how to get the drinks and cutlery and things. 

After looking at the menu and the huge array of different chicken things that you could order, I decided that I was going to just stick with a plain chicken wrap (as I had never eaten there before), my partner chose the chicken burger and we chose to share a side dish of chips. 

The different things on the menu were chicken wings, chicken burgers, peri peri chicken, chicken breast fillets,and for the Vegetarian options there was Roasted Portobello mushrooms with grilled haloumi cheese, a soya and tomato burger or a cheese, chickpea and sweetcorn burger.They also do different salads and even do a little menu for the children who eat there too.For desserts, to be honest not a great deal of choice. You could either have Gelado which is Nando's take on ice cream, or different pieces of cake.

Although the queue was quite long, it seemed no time at all before my partner was back at the table, and sorting our drinks out. The food arrived at the table in I'm not kidding you, literally 5 minutes!! I was so shocked and it was piping hot and delicious.

By the time we had eaten the whole place was filled with customers, and it was a very friendly atmosphere to eat and relax in. The staff were really friendly and really efficient and seemed happy to help. Whereas in other restaurants I have been to, the staff appear as if you are getting on their nerves if you ask them anything.

The restaurant was clean and tidy and was just a really nice place to go to.

I would definitely go back there again and highly recommend Nando's as a great place to eat.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you have tried Nando's and what your experience was like.

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx


  1. Interesting to hear they do vegetarian things, I didn't expect them too :)

    1. No, I didn't think they would have done either. But its great to see they cater for every ones needs.

  2. I love nandos. You should get a loyalty card. On your 4th visit, I think, you get a free 1/4 chicken, on your 10th you get a free full chicken. And somewhere inbetween you get half a chicken. Lipstickandlashesxoxo.blogspot.com


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