Monday, 13 January 2014

My Highlighter Collection

My Highlighter Collection

Oh my days. You would not believe the trouble I have had to try and get this blog done. It has been a nightmare just to try to get my phone to load onto my laptop and then my laptop kept crashing, photos kept disappearing, then reappearing.It has taken me a whole hour just to get to this stage, so fingers crossed I can get to finish this blog.

I thought today that I would show you my small highlighter collection. Other areas of my make up and beauty collection are HUGE, and would take forever to talk through, so decided to dedicate this blog to my highlighters. 

To be truthful I never really bothered with highlighters when I was first getting into make up, I just thought that they were an unnecessary part that I didn't really need to use. How wrong was I? A highlighter can really add such a pretty sheen to the cheeks, or a delicate flush to the nose and forehead. Not making you look like a grease or glitter ball, but just giving you a pretty glow.

You can get cream highlighters,liquid highlighters, powder highlighters and they can come in a various array of light colors, gold, peach, white, silver or pink. I have just powder highlighters in my collection as I find them the easiest to use.

The main one that I use all the time is Mac's Soft And Gentle.
As you can see from the powder all over the case, it is well used and well loved. It is a peachy gold color and really gives just a beautiful sheen when used across my cheeks. People do say to run it down the center of your nose as well to give it a more slim line appearance. But I don't because I suffer from an oily T -zone and tend to avoid anything that would draw attraction to that area.

My next favorite is The Balms Mary Loumaniser.
I love this highlighter too. This is very finely milled and so does not give off very much fallout which is great for a powder product, and it isn't often that you can say a product doesn't have fallout. The last thing you need when trying to apply your highlighter is to have lots of the powder drifting onto the rest of your face and ending up like a huge glitter ball.

A new addition to my collection is Mac's Superb Mineralise Skinfinish.
This is part of Mac's newer collection "Magnetic Nudes". I have yet to try it because part of me, just doesn't want to damage the pattern of the powder as it is just too pretty in my book.
Another highlighter that I feel the same way about but I have had for a little while is the Laura Mercier highlighter in Spellbound.
This is just beautiful, and is quite creamy in texture compared to the others and this just glides onto the skin, when I have been swatching it. This one is much more coppery in tone compared to the others and could really be used like a bronzer, if you used a light hand, otherwise you might look like you have been Tangoed.

A Mac highlighter that is very hard to find (limited edition) is Lightscapade, and this too is totally different to any of my others. It is more creamy/yellow based with pale blue streaks running right throughout the powder. This is very much a cool toned highlight.
The great thing with all of these highlighters though is that you could use them as eye shadows too so that they are very much a multi use product in your beauty collection. And so, if you are in a rush of a morning you could just grab your highlighter and dust it across your eyelids to just give you a quick wash of color.

One highlighter I have had for a very long time is the Laura Geller baked highlighter in French Vanilla. I bought this a good couple of years ago when it came part of one her Today's Special Value kits on QVC.
This is very much a creamy white color but has no other colors running through it, but just gives you a delicate gleam when applied to the tops of your cheekbones.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments below, what your favorite highlighters are.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx


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