Monday, 27 January 2014

Product Rave Review: Nailene False Nails

Product Rave Review :Nailene False Nails
Now, anyone who knows me and sees me on a regular basis, knows that I am a true nail polish addict and I change my nail colour every day. I wear every single colour under the sun, different textured polishes, different finishes, you name it in nail polish I have tried it.Even glitter polish, but that drives me crazy. I love the look and sparkle, but to remove it, it is a royal pain in the neck.

With my job being a very manual job, serving customers filling shelves, building displays, my nails get abused a lot, and so I dont normally bother with false nails as every other time I had tried them, even on a weekend when I dont normally do much stuff, the falsies just pinged off. And I cant stand not having all the nails looking the same, so then I would go through the very painful task of removing the rest of the nails and end up throwing them in the bin. Such a waste of money, I know!

Well, last week, I fancied a change, and on the spur of the moment, bought a pack of the Nailene French Express false nails to try and see if these were any different.  On deciding which pack to buy was really hard. I didn't want anything to glitzy and glam, and I didn't really want the nails to be too overly long. I just wanted them to look natural but clean and neat at the same time.

This pack came with 24 nails, of varying sizes, and also supplied in the pack was an emery board to smooth down any rough edges and a cuticle stick, (which I never use as I more often than not find myself slipping and stabbing myself in the finger). I paid £7.99 which I thought was a really good price.

Before applying the nails, I decided to just trim my actual nails down to a short length just so there wasn't any of my natural nail sticking out at the end of the false nail.

They already come with a self adhesive backing, so all I had to do was try to match the size of the nail to my actual nail bed and then press firmly for a minute to help get the glue to adhere to my nail. This was a really quick process and really simple to do. I hate the nails with the glue, because I always tend to get the glue everywhere other than the nail itself.

So last Wednesday, I was so careful when showering and doing the  housework but I need not have worried because they just did not budge. Thursday, I had to do a lot of intricate stuff at work, that I thought one of the nails would definitely ping off to the other side of the shop, but no, they were perfectly safe. Friday and Saturday came and went, and still the nails were still holding on tight. I was definitely impressed this was a total record for me, and all my family were surprised when I showed them the nails were still there.

On Sunday, finally I began to notice that the bottom of the nails were beginning to lift and so I tried to press them a little more tightly to the nail but the wear and tear of the previous few days was beginning to show.

Then today I was brushing my hair, and some strands of my hair got caught in the glue on my one, nail, and Ping!! it flew across the room, and the world record for my longest ever lasting nails was over. But they had done so so well, and totally exceeded my expectations. 6 WHOLE DAYS!!! Such a brilliant result from nails that I thought I would be pleased if they just lasted 1 day like my others had done.

I loved these nails, and definitely recommend them to everyone. So easy to apply, classy and elegant looking, purse and budget friendly and last far longer than I ever thought.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the nails whilst they were on, but I did post a photo on my Instagram account, which is zoea2812. So if you want to have a proper look at the nails, just pop along there and you will see them.

Well, that is my product rave for the Nailene false nails. Let me know in the comments below, of your experience with false nails and have you ever tried this brand, and what you thought of them.

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx



  1. Hi Zoe,
    Thank you for the review! We just posted it on our Nailene Facebook page!


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