Monday, 6 January 2014

Product Review : Primark Nail Polishes

Product Review Primark Nail Polishes

Hi fellow bloggers! I received this pack of nail polishes for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I totally loved the colors in the box. There was a bright fuschia pink, a deep purple, a gold with some shimmers in, and it looked from the bottle, a black nail polish with pink, gold, blue and green glitter particles in it.

The first color I tried was the gold with the shimmers in.
This polish is beautiful. It applies like a dream, its a thin formula but didn't streak and I could have got away with just the one coat but I'm a little obsessive about the opaqueness of my nails and so did another layer. Just beautiful.

The next was the glitter polish. Unfortunately don't have a picture of this one but just let me tell you, it was like it was a totally different product to the previous polish. The actual base color was clear even though in the bottle it looked black. I couldn't get the glitter to apply smoothly, it was gloopy and thick, and to even get the glitter particles on to the nails I literally had to drip the glitter where I wanted it. I had to do 4!!! yes 4!!! layers to even get the polish to look half way decent. Then it took an absolute age to dry even with me spraying my speed dry top coat over it. It was awful. I really wanted to like it as the colors of the glitter really sparkled beautifully when they hit the light.

The next one I tried was the bright pink polish.
I loved this color. Bright, pink, girly. Great nail polish and applied nicely, a little streaky to begin with but then once the second coat was applied, it looked lovely. The brushes of the polish is a very thin small brush. But I tend to like that in my polish brushes because then you can really pay attention to where the polish is being applied and is easier to not go over the sides of the nail (which I do all the time).
Then the last color in the pack was the bright purple.
Isn't it gorgeous? This was a very thin polish and very sheer. I had to apply 3 layers to get it opaque but the color totally made up for the extra effort involved to get an even color on the nail.

I will say for these polishes that they do chip VERY easily, and I have to do touch ups on them EVERY night, but the colors are beautiful and if you just wanted them for an evening out then these would be perfect. As I said the glitter polish was the only real letdown of the pack. When I checked online the pack of 4 nail polishes was £2.00, so that's 50p a nail polish which is a real bargain.

I have done some swatches as shown in the photo below.

I hope you found this review helpful, and let me know if you have tried any of the Primark polishes and what you thought of them.

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx



  1. Loving your blog!

  2. Love the pink one! Its a really nice, bright shade. Never realised they did nail varnish :)!

    1. It is a gorgeous colour. You should try and get some if you go into Primark.


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