Saturday, 18 January 2014

Saturday Shoutout : L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Saturday Shoutout :L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Hi to all my readers. I thought I would try something different on a Saturday. I thought I would write a post each Saturday on a product that I have loved using the previous week, and that I think needs promoting as a great product. This way I think it might help some of you to try the product if you already have it in your collection and its been neglected or to give you an idea of what to buy if you are looking for a great new product that you havent already got in your collection.

I had had this L'Oreal product in my collection for a LONG time, and like many of you, just kept choosing other foundations to wear, and try. It is so easy to just keep buying all the new foundations on the market but then forgetting great foundations that you already have.

I love this foundation because it comes with a pump dispenser, and so it is far easier to judge how much product you want to use. I tend to use 2 and a half pumps to apply to my face, and I either use my Real Techniques expert face brush, their buffing brush, the Sigma F80 or my beauty blender. I have tried to use it with a normal foundation brush (looks like a small paintbrush) but it just didn't work and got all streaky. But with the other brushes and the blender sponge the foundation applied beautifully. It is so easy to blend and smooth over those lines and wrinkles that I have.

I would say it gives a medium/full coverage, and you could dab extra little spots of the foundation to cover up any blemishes you may have and so turning it into a kind of concealer. I have oily/combination skin and it tends to last 5-6 hours without me having the need to apply a setting powder or a mattifying powder on my T-zone which gets the oiliest very very easily.

It is quite a thick consistency foundation, which helps to give it the more coverage. I found that on the L'Oreal website the foundation comes in 33 shades, and they come in warm, neutral and cool tones and so I'm sure the majority of you will find a shade that would suit you. What I like about L'Oreal is that they cater for the darker skinned ladies too and so that is great as a lot of make up brands don't cater for anyone that is too dark. I wear the lightest shade C1 as I dont tend to go in the sun very often, and especially now it is the winter. It also comes with an SPF factor with the liquid and so this for me is an extra bonus as it is so important to protect the skin..

I hope that you all enjoyed the first of my Saturday shout outs and let me know if you have tried this foundation and what you think about it.

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx



  1. I've seen and read quite a few positive reviews about this foundation recently. I currently wear Estee Lauder Double Wear, but when I run out, I might try this as a cheaper option.
    Laura x | My Life in a Blog

    1. It is a very good foundation, let me know when you try it, what you think of it. x

  2. one of the favorite foundations, to me really similar to Dior Skin Nude foundation


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