Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday Shoutout : Maybelline Blusher

Saturday Shoutout: Maybelline Blusher
At the moment I have been watching the lovely people of the beauty community on You Tube showing the latest offerings from Maybelline, the new highlights blushers and bronzers, and they described them as really lovely and pigmented and that everyone should be buying them

As is always the case, the USA always gets the new releases first and us in the UK have to just patiently wait until all the new products cross the ocean and land on our shores. I have been looking on the internet to get my hands on the new blushers but unfortunately they are no where to be found and so I went digging through my collection to see if I had any blushers from Maybelline that I had forgotten about, and that I could put in my make up stash to use this week.

Lo and behold, there sat a lonely little blush at the bottom of my make up drawer and I know for a fact I have not used this in months, so I got it out and just tried to use it this week and see if it was any good. The colour I have is "Peach" and I have to say it is truly beautiful. At first, you think there is no colour to it, but after a good couple of swirls of the brush, you can build up a lovely light flush to the cheeks.

It really gives you just a natural look and that is what I like to achieve with my blusher, as I hate it when a blush is far too pigmented and no matter how gentle you are with the brush, you end up with great big splodges of pigment and cant get it to tone down, no matter how much you try to blend.

This blushes did come packaged with a little brush. I did try a couple of times to apply the blusher with it, but I just couldn't get it to apply evenly, so I went back to using my Real Techniques stippling brush, which applies the blusher really smoothly and easily.I have been using this blusher every day this week, and I have really enjoyed using it. I haven't even made a dent in it too, so I should imagine this blusher will be in use for a while.

I am so impatient when it comes to new products being launched over here, I wish that when things are launched in America they should be launched in the UK at the same time. I definitely recommend Maybelline and their powder blush. I think they are very good value for money. The only down side I have found is with the packaging. It comes in a little plastic case with a see through plastic lid, but the plastic lid keeps coming away from the actual base of the blusher and so I have to keep popping it back together. Its no real big issue but when travelling this might not be the best one to take with you as you might end up with blusher all over your make up bag.

I hope you enjoyed this Saturday Shoutout

Love and Hugs

Zoe xxx


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