Monday, 13 January 2014

When is enough Enough?????

When is enough, ENOUGH????

I am sure all beauty addicts, like myself, have many times when they buy things to add to their collections and then when they are putting them away realize they didn't need another lipstick/eye shadow. But as you do, you just keep buying and saying to yourself, I NEED that, I haven't got that color.

You get all caught up in the shiny packaging, and the glittery and sparkly products, and all the claims that the beauty companies post all over the advertisements. Its just too easy to fall into that trap, and I have done it for years.

I today, have got to the point where I just cant keep up with all the stuff that I have and its quite scary when you go to use a nail polish that you have NEVER used, to find it has gone off!!! What a waste of money and what is the point of it all. I love my makeup but if I cant get enjoyment from the products before they go off then its pointless.

I have counted all the products that I have and I am going to list them all below. I was totally shocked when I saw how many eyeshadows and nail polishes I have, and I think you will be too.

Nail Polishes- 195
Face Moisturisers- 16
Perfumes- 23
Eyeshadow Bases- 18
Face Primers - 5
Lip Products-87
Eyeshadows- 480!!!!!!!!
Face Cleansers-10
Shower gels-12
Body Lotions-16
Face Powders- 2!!!!

480!!!!! eyeshadows. What the heck??? This frightened me to death to realize how many I had. I probably will never use those up in my lifetime. In a time when I should be cutting back because of bills, look at all that hard earned cash, sitting in drawers that I have never yet used. Its scary.

The only thing Im doing really well on is face powders, but they are pretty boring so I never tend to buy those anyway.

Of course there is the hygiene issue too. Liquid items go off the fastest but so do powder products too.

I hereby vow to not buy any more products until I at least have used up half of the amount of each product I have. I will be seeing how I go and letting you know how I am doing. I know I will struggle when I see new things coming out but, I have really got to try, as my storage space is now becoming limited and things are just going off too quickly.

My blog will not suffer as I will be posting reviews of items I am using and doing my go to looks and things like that.

Hopefully my bank balance will like the change too, as no big shopping hauls, or Ebay finds.

So, what is your collection like? Is it small and compact and you know exactly what you have. Or is it like mine way over the top and in serious need of cutting back.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and are not too shocked at how much STUFF I have.

Love and hugs

Zoe xxx


  1. Hunnie you with out make up is like a football match with a ball xx

  2. I did something like this recently. I cleaned out all my makeup and realized how much stuff I had brought that I haven't even used yet. I was so shocked. Once I got everything organized I realized that I don't need to buy anything for a while. I've been trying to cut back on buying stuff until my collection gets smaller.

    I'm excited to read about your process as well. So far I've had some luck with not buying stuff unless I need it.

    1. It is so hard because of all the new stuff coming out ALL the time. But I can only try.


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