Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A big Avon haul

A Big Avon Haul
Hello to all my lovely readers and followers. I hope you are having a better time than me, after everything that went wrong and broke last month, my boiler has now just packed up. GRRRRR!! This is not a good year so far for me. But oh well, to try and get my mind off how cold it is I thought I would write a little post on my recent Avon purchases.

I love Avon, their prices are fantastic for their toiletries, make up and their jewellery. They are easy to order and arrive super promptly.
I thought this time I would try this shampoo. My hair isn't very dry but sometimes I just feel that my hair is very brittle and so I thought by using this might help the strength of each strand of hair and moisturise it to help it feel better. Big size as well, so this will last me a long time.
Also, I spotted this in my catalogue and so thought I might give this a go, because normally I don't rate shampoos and conditioners that are all in one . I just think in putting them both together you either lose some of the cleansing effect of the shampoo or you lose some part of the conditioning process so you hair just feels all tangly and knotty when you go to brush your after towel drying. So Im going to put this to the test and let you know whether it is any good or not.
As you all know I'm nail polish addicted so I couldn't go without ordering a couple of nail polishes, this one is called All Khakied Out and unlike the picture it is much greener in person and I look forward to trying this on my nails.
I am wearing this at the moment and it is beautiful. It is called ASAP Pink and it applies beautifully. On the first coat it is a tiny little bit streaky so, I applied 2 coats (which I normally tend to do anyway) and it is gorgeous. A beautiful Barbie pink and it dries really quickly, I wouldn't say it dried in 30 seconds like it says on the bottle, but it was quite quick.The brush on the polish wand is really thick and so it really covers the whole of the nail in one swipe.
I had never tried Avon's body sprays before and I really wanted one that I could place in my handbag just in case I need to freshen up during the day. It smells just beautiful, feminine but strong and a really pretty smell.
I am really trying to improve my whole skin care regime and add more creams and lotions to look after my skin. This is a new eye cream and I have yet to use it because I keep forgetting to use it, but I'm going to put it on top of my vanity to remind me to start using it. I have lots of crows feet and so I really need something to work and improve the look of them.
This hair conditioner I am going to use as a type of hair mask. I'm going to apply it in the shower and then put a shower cap on over the top, to try to keep the heat and the conditioner on my hair whilst I carry on showering, and then once all finished, I will remove the shower cap and rinse out. I will let you all know if it helps the condition of my hair.
I chose a lip gloss as the colour looked so pretty, but I have to say I tried this and it wasn't too good. It was quite sticky and felt very goopy  after a couple of hours, and by the time I had a finished my 4 hour shift at work, it was barely noticeable. I will keep trying it, but I'm not sure whether I will keep it or whether you will see it in February's Empties or a Product that didn't work for me blog post.

Well, that was my haul and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these and what your thoughts are on them and Avon in general.

Love and hugs 

Zoe xxx



  1. I'm a nail polish addict too! :) Love these colours. I've never bought anything from Avon before, might have to take a look.

    Love From Twinkle

  2. Hi!
    Hey! I've nominated you for the Liebster award! Its really fun and interesting! If you want to participate come to my blog and answer my questions \(^◡^)/


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