Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Special Thankyou and the It's JudyTime Palette Review

Hello to all my lovely readers and followers. Hope you are all having a lovely day. This morning was a glorious sunny day and it just felt so lovely to have a few rays of sunshine beaming down. But as per usual, the sun has now gone and the sky is dark grey and the wind is howling down the chimney. Oh well, never mind on to the business at hand.

I have such a big thankyou and virtual hug to give to the lovely Hayley at  . She has totally transformed my little blog into the most beautiful and feminine blog. I am a total failure at anything to do with computers and so had no hope of designing anything anyway half decent.. Hayley has done such a fantastic job and highly recommend the lovely lady if you need help in giving your blog page a little revamp.

Right then, onto the eye shadow palette review. I bought the Its Judytime Palette off the B H Cosmetics website. It was very reasonably priced, I think it was around the $14 mark (if I remember correctly). I had seen the lovely Sam Schuerman using it, and I knew that I just had to have it.
You have 12 different eyeshadows, ranging from neutrals to bright and beautiful colours in the blue and purple shades. You have a big mirror at the top of the palette which is very handy if you are trying to apply make up on the move and so you don't have to worry about carting around a separate mirror. It is a very slimline palette and so wont take up much room in your make up bag if you are taking it on holiday with you.

Now onto the nitty griity. Although these colours look beautiful in the palette and they look really pigmented, upon swatching them I was really quite disappointed. You will see in the next few pictures what I mean.
I have done the swatches in threes, the top row and then the bottom.
The first two shades are hardly visible, and that was with 3 swipes of each colour. I was hoping to use the first shade as a highlight  and inner corner brightener but it just does not show at all.
Now these are a little better. That middle shade is truly lovely, it has such a pretty gleam to it, that I know that it is going to be beautiful when I apply it to the lid. I will say that the shadows are very buttery and smooth, they just lack the intensity that I need when trying to create a look.

Now onto the bottom row of the palette
These seem so much better than the other shades and will really make some beautiful looks with the browny coppery shades I like to use.
See what I mean about the pigmentation! In the palette the blues and purples look really bright and vivid, and at first glance I thought they would be great for a pop of colour as used a liner on the bottom lash line on a neutral eye look. But I seriously doubt they would even show.

Now don't get me wrong I will use these shadows but there are only about 5 or 6 that I will be able to use, which is a shame, because when you spend money on a palette you like to think that you would be able to use all the shadows in one way or another. But $14 for even 5 or 6 shadows is still a bargain. When you consider Mac single shadows are £15 EACH. So with this palette you really do get value for your money, its just a little lacking in the pigmentation department.

I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if you think you would be interested in buying this palette in the comments section below. I love to hear from you all and I am going to try and get better at replying quicker to you all too.

Love and hugs


  1. That's such a shame about the pigmentation, the shadows look lovely in the pan! Great review, thank you Zoe


    1. They do look lovely and I'm sure I will use the shadows in some shape or form it just means that I will hit pan sooner than normal because of having to use so much product each time I apply them. Glad you enjoyed it xx

  2. purple colour is my fav! i followed you :) X

  3. Amazing , i love judy, was refreshing to bump in to a fellow blogger reviewing one of my fave you tubers! love the palette , i myself haven't had chance to purchase yet, Enjoyed reading! :) x

  4. I love her too. Thankyou so much for taking the time to read my blog xx

  5. Your blog looks pretty and colourful x


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