Saturday, 1 February 2014

Bloggers 2014 Challenge #3 Books

Bloggers 2014 Challenge #3 Books
Hi to all my lovely readers and followers. As some of will already know, I'm taking part in the 2014 Bloggers Challenge organised by the lovely Gaby., and as soon as the topic for this fortnight was revealed "Books" I knew exactly the book I was going to talk about, and that book was my all time favourite book that I read as a little girl and that was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

I so love this book, because the author really describes each of the characters so well, and the settings so vividly, that by the end of the book you feel as though you know the whole family personally, and you have lived in the setting all your life.

The book is all about 4 sisters and the adventures and the problems that they face from their childhood up until they are adults.. They are a very poor family but their mother tries to instill in them that they are rich beyond means because even though they may not be monetarily rich but they have each other and that is much more important and meaningful. The 4 sisters Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy all are very devoted to their mother and try to help her around the house. Their father was serving as a chaplain in the war, as he was too old to go as an active soldier.

The book mainly has two main subjects running through it, love and family. It has sad moments running through it,when Beth gets Scarlet Fever and you don't know if she is going to die. it also has some really funny moments and also it is such an inspiring book pushing the fact that women can overcome any obstacles in life that may come there way, and that it is just so important that when you get knocked down in life, just to get back up, dust yourself off and just keep trying.

I love this book and have read it lots and lots of times, and I totally recommend every one to read it if you haven't so far, I am sure that you would enjoy it.

I found this copy in Waterstones as my other copy had fallen to pieces a couple of years ago, and even though I have the book on my Kindle I decided to get another physical book to place on my bedside table.

Let me know in the comments whether you have read Little Women and what you thought of it.

Love and hugs

Zoe xoxo

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