Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bought It and Forgot It tag

Hey everyone, hope you are all well. I'm good at the moment apart from having a major earache that tablets just wont help :( but hey ho. On a positive note I went to Daniel's parents evening and it was brilliant, and I am so incredibly proud of my boy.

Right then, onto the post. As you know I'm a little bit of a make up junkie and if new things come out onto the market then I'm eager to buy it and try them out, but sometimes I can get carried away with products that I know I absolutely love and forget about a few of the items that I have bought and they languish away at the back of a drawer, never to see the light of day again. Well, no more I have decided that over the next two weeks I need to use the 4 products that I have chosen and see if I do really like them, and show them some love.

Product no 1
Almay's Triple Effect Mascara. I had heard about this whilst watching a lady on YouTube raving about it and so managed to get my hands on it through Ebay. I love Ebay, and you can find some really good stuff on there, and for cheap prices too. I think I paid about £4 for this a few months back, and look it is still in its packaging. Tut tut, this will be made use of in the next fortnight.

Product no 2

Clinique's Eye shadow and Blush duo in Strawberry Fudge. Look at that shimmer on the eye shadow, and it would work lovely for a natural eye look, I'm not positive but it could even be a dupe for one of the colours in the Naked 3 palette, and that palette is all the rage at the moment.

Product no 3

Mac's Spice Lip Pencil. When I bought this, I loved it and wore it all the time. It is a beautiful terracotta colour and really looks beautiful with either a clear gloss or a light pink gloss applied over the top, and so Im determined to put this pencil to use and create some pretty lip looks with it.

And last, but not least , product no 4
The Urban Decay Flushed Palette. The colours in this are really very pigmented and so a little goes a very long way, and the highlighter, lets just say you need a very light hand when you apply this otherwise you will end up looking like you fell first into a pot of shimmer. But I do love the product I just don't tend to reach for it very often and so I'm going to remedy that soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I hope it encourages you to look at the back of your make up storage and maybe find things that you had forgotten all about.Let me know in the comments if you are going to be reusing things over the next two weeks.

Love and hugs


  1. Clinique's Eye shadow and Blush look amazing :)

  2. It is beautiful. You might be able to get it still online xx


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