Monday, 17 February 2014

Laura Geller Baked Confections TSV

Hi to all my lovely followers and readers. I hope you are doing well. Today I thought I would show you the Today's Special Value Set that I bought from QVC about a week ago.

I love Laura Geller and all her products are of great quality and are really lovely products to use, so when I knew that this set was going to be a Today's Special Value, I just knew that I had to purchase it. In the kit, you get a spackle primer, a Kabuki Brush, a lip gloss, eye shadow trio, a blusher and a baked foundation.

First off, I have to say straight away how fast QVC deliver. Normally I don't mind waiting anything up to 10 days for a parcel but QVC normally deliver within 2-3 days which is great service. I received this parcel in 2 days.
Firstly, I want to talk about how pretty and sturdy the Laura Geller packaging is. It is made of plastic but very strong plastic, this is not flimsy at all, and I love how the description on the back of each product is clear and big enough to read. I hate it when you feel you need to use a magnifying glass just to see the colour name.
At the moment I am into primers in a big way. As you know I love the Maybelline baby skin, and the Benefit Porefessional, and so with this being tinted I'm interested to find out whether this has colour to it or whether you can use it as a highlighter with the name being "Ethereal".
Oh my goodness. I LOVE this brush. The bristles are so soft and densely packed together that I know it is just going to be a dream to use and really help me achieve an airbrushed finish when I'm using my powder products. This is a beautiful kabuki brush. I hate when bristles are just there but don't give any weight to when your brushing and blending your products. I have bought cheap brushes in the past thinking that any old brush would do. But this seriously is not the case, the denser the bristles, the better the brush helps to apply the make up.

When you ordered the set, you had to pick which set according to the foundation shade you needed. I went for porcelain as it was the lightest one. I am a little dubious as to whether this product will work for me as I love a very full coverage foundation, and I'm not sure this will give me the coverage I want. But if it doesn't work then I can always use it as a setting powder at the end of my make up routine.

This blush is beautiful, and will look great at any time of the year, it has a beautiful sheen to it and so you could probably use it as a highlighter too, and in saying that you could even get away with using it as an eye-shadow too. Don't you just love it when one product has multiple uses?

Aren't the colours in this eye shadow trio simply beautiful. They are buttery soft and smooth to apply with hardly any fallout which I love. That is a pet hate of mine when you are trying to create an eye look, and the tiny powder grains end up smudging below your eye and down your cheek , making you look like you have just slapped your eye shadow on. The white shade I would apply on the main part of the eye lid, the brown/coppery shade I would apply in the crease to use as a transition colour and the purple I would use on the outer V to give the look some depth and dimension. The only thing is the lack of a highlight/brow bone shade as I prefer a matte highlight, but I have plenty of other products to use so it isn't a big issue. I will say though that if you are a matte shadow lover then you definitely would not like this eye shadow trio, as it is shimmer all the way. If you wanted to make these shades stand out even more you could even apply a little Fix+ to your brush, or even just dip your brush into water and then this would intensify the colours even more.

I love this lip colour and will especially look great in the spring/summer, (that's if we get any). It isn't sticky at all, I hate that when your lips feel all gloopy when you have applied a gloss. I like a lip gloss and lipstick to be as if you are not wearing anything and it feels as if you have nothing on your lips.

Last of all in the kit came a little eye shadow applicator but I highly doubt I will ever use it as I have other favourite brushes that I like to apply my eye shadows with. But I will keep it just in case.
Well, that is it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know in the comments whether you like Laura Geller beauty products and which ones you have in your collection.

Love and Hugs


  1. Lovely review of the TSV, i watched but couldn't buy with the spending ban. i really really wanted it though. Let me know how you get on with the balance n brighten

  2. Thankyou. I will do, Im hoping it will give me the coverage I need, but don't worry I will still use it.

  3. I really like your review!
    Isz. xx

  4. Thankyou, glad you enjoyed it and hope you are having a lovely day xx


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