Monday, 10 February 2014

Make up for Valentines Day

Hi to all my lovely readers and followers. I hope Monday was not too bad for you. My weekend was not too good as my little boy was poorly, and so took him to the doctors today and he has Tonsilitis. Poor little man, so now he is on antibiotics and rest. Fingers crossed he gets better soon!

Right then, onto the main reason for this post. Valentines Day!! If you are like me, I think Valentines Day is just a way for the shops to make money, and I don't tend to celebrate it very much. I just don't think you should just spend one day telling your loved one how much you  care for them. You should do it every day of the year. But in saying all that, it is a nice reason to get dressed up and wear some make up that reflects the colours of the day by wearing pink or red.

A couple of years ago I would have said never to wear pink or red near the eyes as it can tend to make you either look ill or tired but nowadays the shades are just so very wearable and can be worn as bright or as subtle as you would like.

This is the Maybelline colour tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate.
It is just a beautiful colour and can be worn as a base under another shade to add some reddish tones to another colour, or you can apply it to the eyelid and then blend it out to give just a delicate hint of a colour wash.

This is another Maybelline colour tattoo but in Pink Gold. Can you tell I love the colour tattoos?? I'm sorry but I just think they are amazing versatile products and their lasting power is second to none. For another look, you could apply the pink gold to the actual eyelid, but then apply the pomegranate colour to the outer V and then blend it into the crease to deepen the colour just slightly.
This is a really bright pink lipstick by Maybelline called Fuschia Fusion. Its a gorgeous neon pink that will instantly highlight your lips for that all important Valentines Day kiss.
This is my personal favourite. Its Mac's Ruby Woo, and a beautiful classic red that just screams Valentines Kisses. Another lipstick that I found but isnt as vivid and as bright as the last too is Mac's Snob.
This is such a pretty lipstick and is more suitable if you just want a subtle make up look, or if you feel you are not brave enough to pull off the brighter coloured lipsticks.
On looking through my collection for inspiration to write this post, I found a lip pencil that would be great to help keep those bright lipsticks from bleeding, (which bright colours do tend to do), and that is Mac's Cherry lip liner. It is so creamy to apply and draws really smoothly around the lip line.
Blush I think is an important addition to any make up look and this is one from Bourjois, I love their blushes, both cream and powder and they last for ages and apply like a dream to the cheekbones. I really like them too because you can build the product up, and you don't have to worry about putting too much on because they are just subtle shades.

Now for the best part (I think) the nail polishes. Nothing quite finishes off a look like beautifully manicured nails, as I think it really shows that you have made an effort for the night/day out. There are gorgeous red and pink shades of nail polish in every make up brand and in many different finishes, glitters, shimmers, mattes and satins. Here are just a few that I found in my collection.
O.P.I's Red My Fortune Cookie
Some Essie polishes (that unfortunately the names arent on).

Last of all, perfume. Now I think this is important because you want to be smelling all nice and beautiful, when your loved one comes in for a hug/kiss. I found a perfect perfume that totally symbolises Valentines Day and that one is Diesel's Loverdose. Its simply gorgeous and looks so perfect on your dressing table at this time of the year.
Look, a heart bottle, what better than a heart shaped perfume on Valentines Day.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you have planned for Valentines Day.

Love and Hugs


  1. I am not a huge Valentine's fan either, although a getting a meal out with the Boyfriend this year which is nice!:) Was thinking of going for red nails- I have a really nice OPI one not sure if it is the same as yours tho, can nev rem the names!

  2. Have a lovely time at your meal. Red nails will look lovely. All the different names of all the different polishes does get very confusing xx


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