Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My love affair with Lush

Hi to all my lovely readers and followers. Hope you have had a good day. Wow!! We had a real mixture of weather today here in Birmingham. When I first got up it was hammering it down with rain, then after a few hours of torrential rain, we had a couple of hours of snow drifting down, and the snowflakes were huge. Then, this afternoon we had beautiful blue skies and sunshine. I really don't think Mother Nature could quite make her mind up today.

Right, onto the nitty gritty of this post. For many years I had always looked at the Lush store and walked straight past it, never went in due to the really strong smell coming from within. Then, about a year ago I began to watch videos on YouTube of girls buying lots of delicious sounding goodies, and I was seriously tempted to purchase some.

So, a couple of times I tried to go in but an assistant would always come straight up with "Can I help you?" Now, yes I know to most of you that would be brilliant service and is to be commended, but for me who has anxiety issues and confidence problems, this scared me rigid and I would just turn and walk straight back out again.So I never actually bought anything on those occasions.

But on Boxing day last year I made a few online purchases of a couple of shower gels, some bath bombs and a lip scrub.
I had had to stop taking baths because I just physically couldn't take them but I really wanted to try the bath bombs because I had heard so many people talking about them. So I just usually used to take showers every day. But these were too much of a temptation to miss out on.

Ever since I began to use them, I have fallen in love. I normally cant take baths because the enamel on the bath is far too hard for my spine and it is physically very painful for me to sit in there and then because of my arthritis I need someone to help me in and out as I cant lift myself up on my own. But these bath bombs are just beautiful, they are beautiful to watch dissolve into the different colours, my son loves to guess what colours they are going to melt into, and they are so softening on the skin. Like running pure velvet across you, sometimes I have found that after using the bath bombs you don't need to use a body lotion/butter because your skin feels soft and smooth enough already.

I have even been taking baths just for 5 -10 minutes just to be able to relax for those few minutes has been an absolute pleasure. I have bought Bombardino which turned the water yellow, the melted snowman which turned the water red, the Sexbomb one which had what looked like rose petals in it, the last one we used was called Twilight, initially it turned the water pink, then the tap water hit the middle of the bath bomb it went bright blue and the end result was that the water turned dark purple.

The shower gels are just as lovely, I have tried Rose Jam and Ponche and I have to say Ponche is my favourite. Quite a musky spicy scent and I love it.

The lip scrub Im trying to work with and find a way to make it work. At first I loved it but then after the first few tries it seems to have changed consistency so going to keep trying it, and see if I can keep using it for a little while longer.

Another thing I love about Lush and its products is that they put the expiry date of the product on its packaging so you know exactly when it should be used by and on some like the bath bombs they show when you bought it so you know if you think it might need to be got rid of after a certain length of time.

From being a total Lush newbie and being scared to even walk in the shop, I now look forward to going in there and discovering new things for me to try. If I can make myself just relax for 10 minutes without being in total pain then these are worth it. I totally love Lush and will definitely be recommending them to everybody. I have also overcome my anxiety when in there and I actually went up and spoke to an assistant to, which would have been unheard of a year ago. And coming from someone who works in the retail industry I know that sounds strange, but being on one side of a counter is one thing but actually approaching someone when I'm the customer is just very hard for me to do.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if there are any Lush products that you have tried that you think I might like.

Love and hugs


  1. I love Lush too Zoe,the smell from the bath bombs lingers all night x

  2. It truly does, it makes the whole house smell amazing xx

  3. Hi Zoe, it's me again ha ha ha. I wrote a post about my Lush haul not long ago. I had to order online as we don't have a store nearby (4 hours away). I waited for the sales to come to Spain (they start after January 7th over here) and got me a huge box called WOW full with different bath bombs, gels, soaps, and more goodies. My whole apartment is smelling like a Lush store now, lol. I fell in love with Lush products a while back when I was in London for a work related visit and I can say that I'm totally hooked. Thank god for online stores, yay!

  4. Hi Eli, I love the smells that the Lush products give off, the whole house smells beautiful. I love that we can shop online. Thankyou so much for taking the time to comment xxx


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