Saturday, 22 February 2014

My Perfect Day Off

Hi to all my lovely readers and followers, I hope your weekend is going well so far. I have had the past week off from work to spend it with Daniel while he was on his week off from school. I have had a lovely time and really just enjoyed spending some "mommy time" with him.

This got me thinking that it might be a good idea to write a blog post about my idea of a perfect day off when Daniel is at school.

Because of my ill health I don't really like doing a lot of walking apart when I need to go make up shopping lol, so I like to spend my time in the house wearing my perfect outfit which consists of PJ's and my dressing gown and my slippers.
I love my PJ's and am a little ashamed to say I have about 15-20 pairs. But they have to be a certain type. Fleecy and very soft and warm, as I cant stand having clothes that dig in or don't feel soft against the skin as I find it very painful. Primark do the best pyjamas ever and I always go back to see if they have any new designs in. An added bonus is that they have some really cute and girly designs like the ones above with cupcakes on.

I get cold very easily and so more or less have the fire or heating on all the time unless we are having a warm spell/heatwave which is very rare in the UK.
There is nothing nicer than cuddled up on the settee with the fire roaring and feeling comfy and add reading my kindle and it is heaven. I just love reading as for the time you are reading you are transported away to another little world, and the stresses of normal everyday life tend to just slip away. I have had my kindle for 3 years and it is such a good investment. Mine cost just over £100 but I use it every day and it holds over a 1,000 books and you don't have to pay for some of them as there is a section for free books that you can choose from too.
I am ashamed to say that my favourite food in the world is cake. Yes, I know Im supposed to be healthy eating and on a diet, but I just cant help it. Any cakes in the world apart from chocolate cake. Bleuurrgh!! Yuk!! I cant stand it, its so strong and rich that it makes me feel sickly after just 1 bite. So, on my day off it would not bother me if I ate cake for breakfast, lunch and tea.
Then, to go along with my cakes the perfect drink is a nice milky hot cup of coffee. I used to like it as strong as anything, but since I have been on my new medication I have gone off that and I prefer a milky coffee.
After, I have been fed and watered I of course have to check up on Twitter, Facebook and all my online pages, I have to get my old trusty laptop and get a few hours work done. I love being kept up to date with all the best beauty offers and all the new releases, so go through my emails and make sure I haven't missed out on anything.
Well, that is my post all about my perfect day off. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments below what your favourite things to do on your day off is.

Love and hugs


  1. I totally agree that Primark have the best pjs! I also have a lot of pairs! Why not? Ha ha! :-)

    1. They do. I cant help myself everytime I go in there I end up coming out with another pair lol.


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