Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Product Rave Review : Mac Brush Cleanser

Hi to all my fabulous readers and followers. I hope you have all had a lovely day.Mine has been great, no stress at work which helps, and the weather has been really sunny which has made a nice change, thank goodness.

Right, now onto the point of my post, Mac Brush Cleanser. Now if you use a lot of make up brushes, a lot of the time, then you know how important it is to keep your brushes in good working condition, and that is to keep them as clean as possible all the time. If you neglect your brushes and just keep wiping the foundation/ eye shadows off onto a tissue or towel, then bacteria can begin to grow on the bristles and that's when you can get eye infections or develop acne breakouts.

To be honest, I used to be terrible at remembering to clean my brushes and I was lucky if I remembered to do them once a month, let alone once a week. Yes, yes, I know, I can hear the hygiene police shouting at their computer screens.

Now when I first started out using proper brushes, like Real Techniques and Sigma I always tended to wash them with some baby shampoo and hot water, and this is a fine technique too and really helps to keep your brushes clean, but the only problem with that is that if you let too much of the warm water get into the ferrule (this is the metal part that the bristles of the brush go into) then some of the glue that holds the bristles in place can become loosened by the warm water and you will begin to get bristles fall out, and this is some thing you really want to avoid when you have paid a lot of hard earned cash for those beautiful brushes.

But about a month ago, I heard some beauty bloggers talking about the Mac brush cleanser and it got me interested, because as you know I love Mac and so I really wanted to try this out.  Don't get me wrong, at £10.00 it is not as cheap as a 99p bottle of baby shampoo, but I was totally amazed at how well and quickly it gets those brushes clean.

All you need is an old towel/cloth, your dirty brushes and your Mac brush cleanser. What you have to do is just get a small part of the towel/cloth wet with some of the brush cleanser, then take your brush and gently rub the dirty bristles over the wet part on the towel/cloth and hey presto after a couple of seconds all the make up is off the brush and onto the towel/cloth. Its fantastic because you can just literally see the make up dissolve off the brush and onto the towel. Then I just put the brushes back into my brush holder and leave them to dry naturally and they are all perfectly ready for use again the very next day.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know how you clean your brushes in the comments below.

Love and hugs


  1. Defo need something like this! Although I don't want to spend money and then baby shampoo be the same!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I have found that the Mac brush cleaner is such a lot quicker and you don't have to keep rinsing them out and worrying whether you have got all the bubbles out of the brushes.

  2. I emptied a spray bottle and filled it with the MAC brush cleaner. I find it easier to use, I take a paper tissue and fold it in 4 but the brush on top and spray 2-3 times rolling the brush so the product is evenly spread. Then I swirl the brush on the wet part of the tissue until no colour comes off. I also deep cleanse my brushes every sunday with soap and water, I don't use warm water though and be careful the water doesn't come in the ferrule and use Brush Gards to dry them vertically instead of horizontally so that the water seeps down from the brush and not in.

  3. You definitely know what your doing :)


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