Thursday, 13 February 2014

Project Reducing my Makeup Collection

Hi to all my lovely readers and followers. Now, on January 13th I made a complete list of everything I had in my collection and counted it all, and I was totally shocked at the amount of things I had. Especially the eye shadows I had 480!! I mean who in their right mind would need all of those.

So, I pledged that I would really try to clear out all make up that I thought was past its use by date, things I didn't use/never used would get disposed of in some way. Now I know that I have a long way to go because the shopaholic in me wont allow me never to buy make up again but I want to really reduce my collection down so that it is more manageable and I can really appreciate the products that I have.

Right then, I will list the products how I did in January and then how I am doing now. Lets see the real truth.
                   JANUARY        FEBRUARY       DIFFERENCE
Nail Polish - 195                     192                       -3       Yay! A small difference but still a difference
Facial Moisturisers -16            12                         -4        Look's Like Im doing well so far
Perfume        23                       18                        -5        Wow!! I'm impressed with me
Bronzers       15                        9                         -6         That's amazing!
Foundation    26                       23                       -3         Good going!
Eye Primers   18                       18                        0           Oh well, at least I haven't purchased any
Concealers    17                       17                        0           Hmmm, not doing so well
Mascaras      38                        39                       +1        Not good, really don't want any more
Blushers       22                        26                        +4        Oh gosh!! Got to stop now
Highlighters   5                         9                          +4         Can anyone see a pattern?
Lip Products  87                      84                        -3          Pleased with that.
Eye shadows   480                  566                       +86        !!!!! What the hell!!! I have a serious problem
Eye liners     18                        26                         +8         That's bad.
Face Cleansers   10                11                         +1           Need to stop with these.
Shower Gels     12                  13                         +1          Need to stop with these too
Body Lotions    16                   23                         +7          What on earth?!?
Shampoos         21                  26                         +5           I seriously do not need more
Face Powders    2                   2                            0          Pleased with that.

Well, as you can see I have done well in some areas, nail polish, face moisturisers, perfume, bronzers, foundations, lip products and Face powders I didn't purchase any more  so really pleased with that. But my downfall is seriously eye shadows, eye liners and body lotions. I am really going to try and work hard at trying to reduce these down. I don't know what my problem is with them, I guess they are just the products I love to buy the most of.

Lets hope that March is a better month.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you are doing anything like this with your collection too.

Love and hugs

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