Monday, 3 February 2014

The TMI Tag

The TMI Tag

Hello to all of my lovely readers and followers. I hope the start of the week hasn't been too bad for you. I thought I would start this week with a tag called The TMI tag (Too Much Information tag) that I saw the lovely FleurDeForce do on her YouTube channel, and it seemed fun to do. So, here goes:-

1- What are you wearing?
I am wearing my work uniform which consists of Navy Blue trousers and a White blouse.

2- Ever Been In Love?
Yes I have.

3-Ever had a terrible breakup? 
Yes, many times unfortunately and it never gets any easier the older you get.

4-How tall are you?
5ft 0 or as my partner says 5ft and a sneeze, yes I am very small, and shrinking rapidly.

5-How much do you weigh?
I refuse to answer this as it is too personal to ask a lady how much she weighs. All I will say is it's too much.

6-Any tattoos?
None at the moment, I have been considering one but I have an extremely low pain threshold and so dont think I could put up with the pain of it.

7-Any piercings?
Nope, none and I will never have any. As I always like to say, if God wanted you to have a hole there, he would have made one.

8-OTP( apparently this means who are the couple who are meant to be together)
After considering this for a long time I decided on Carrie and Mr Big in Sex And The City. I chose these two because no matter what life threw at them and whoever came between them, they always seemed to drift back together again.

9- Favourite Show
I dont really watch much television but I do watch The Schuerman Show on Youtube with my son religiously every night. They are such lovely people and my son adores them.

10- Favourite Band
I dont really listen to music all that much and if I do I only listen to Celine Dion (yes sad I know) but I have been a devoted fan of hers for 23 years now, and have seen her live 5 times, and in 2011 I went to Vegas to see the Premiere of her new show.

11- Something you miss
My grandad. He was my inspiration for everything and even though he has been gone 12 years, it still feels like yesterday that we lost him, and I miss him terribly.

12-Favourite Song
This changes all the time but I do love I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

13- How old are you?
I am 37 years old

14-Zodiac Sign
I am a capricorn 

15- Quality you look for in a partner?
A sense of humour and companionship

16- Favourite Quote
Now this I wrote about at the beginning of January because I am part of the 2014 Bloggers Challenge, and the first subject we had to write about was a quote that inspired us. My quote is "Whatever Does not Kill You Makes You Stronger". It just inspires me when I'm having a bad day, just to dust myself off and just keep on trying.

17-Favourite Actor
Tom Hanks without a shadow of a doubt. He is amazing in Saving Private Ryan, and in Castaway. He just can adapt so brilliantly to all the different movie roles and you can totally believe in him being that character.

18-Favourite Colour
Ohh, this is hard. It changes all the time, I like pink, lilac, aqua blue, mint green. Ok, I will settle on pink.

19-Loud music or soft
Soft. I cant stand loud rock music or anything especially when you are on a bus, and they are blasting out the music. Grrr. That annoys me, they want to listen to the music, not me.

20-Where do you go when you are sad?
I go to bed. I shut the curtains, lay in bed and just have a good old sob into the pillow.

21-How long does it take you to shower?
10 minutes normally, but if I need to shave my legs, 15 minutes.

22-How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?
About 40 minutes, when getting dressed and then doing my makeup.

23-Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes unfortunately

24-Turn on
A nice smile

25- Turn off
B.O or bad breath.

26-The Reason I joined the Blogosphere?
I joined because I really wanted to share my knowledge and passion for make up and to make new friends along the way.

27- Fears
Being chased and Cats/Kittens. They terrify me to the absolute maximum and it makes me shiver just to think of one.

28- Last thing that made you cry?
My washing machine breaking 2 weeks ago. I had had the kitchen flood the day before and then the washing machine breaking was the final straw and I just broke down and cried.

29-Last time you said you loved someone
This afternoon 

30-Meaning behind your blogging name
Its is just my first name with the first letter of my surname and then my birthday

31-Last book you read?
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

32- The book your currently reading 
101 Blogging tips- How to create a successful blog

33- Last show you watched
I dont watch tv very much, but I guess it was WWE Smackdown on Friday night.

34- Last person you talked to
My son Daniel

35- The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

36- Favourite Food
Cakes, doughnuts, fruit cake, sponge cake, any type of cake (apart from chocolate cake eeurggh).

37- Place you want to visit
Paris, so that I can do some shopping.

38- Last place you were
My kitchen, cooking tea and then washing up.

39- Do you have a crush?
Nope, too old for that.

40- Last time you kissed some one?
Today, my son.

41- Last time you were insulted?
Probably in the last week by one of the customers. It happens all too frequently Im afraid.

42- Favourite flavour of sweets
Lemon or Lime

43- What instruments do you play?
I used to play the recorder (and passed music exams in it), the treble recorder and the trumpet.

44- Favourite piece of jewellery?
I don't own any jewellery that I wear very often. I do have a strand of pearls that my nan gave me but they stay in my jewellery box.

45- Last sport you played?
Probably rounders when I was a schoolgirl.

46-Last song you sang?
Rock DJ by Robbie Williams as it was on in the car driving home from school.

47- Favourite chat up line
I hate chat up lines and cant think of any that are any good.

48- Have you ever used it?
Nope because I hate them.

49- Last time you hung out with anyone?
I was with my partner yesterday and was just listening to music.

50- Who should answer theses questions now?

YOU!! Yes you sat there reading this. I tag you to do this post and I look forward to reading all your answers.

Love and Hugs 

Zoe xoxox

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