Friday, 7 February 2014

What's In My Make-up Bag

What's In My Make-Up Bag?
Hi to all my lovely readers and followers. I thought today I would let you all delve into the secret world of my make-up bag (lol). Not that I carry much around with me, as I am not allowed (well, not supposed to) lift heavy items, due to the pressure on my heart. So really I just carry round with me the basics to keep my make-up looking fresh for as long as possible.

Now, first of all can we just pay homage to the beauty of the bag. It is made of a thick canvas  type of material and I love the pictures from all the different places in the world, and it has my favourite place of all right in the middle, New York, the Statue Of Liberty.  The bag was from Origins that I purchased on Boxing Day in the middle of all the sales rush/madness.

I doubt that this will be my make up bag for long periods of time, because of it being a creamy colour, with all the rubbish in my handbag it will get dirty quickly, so will have to be making sure I'm washing it regularly to keep it looking nice and clean.

So, now, down to the nitty gritty.On opening the zip closure, the first thing I pull out is my powder that I absolutely have to have in my make up bag at all times. This is because my face really gets oily/shiny quickly and so I like to have it to keep my skin looking as matte as possible for as long as possible. The powder I am using at the moment is the Max Factor Creme Puff.
I love to apply this powder with a sponge as then I can just pat the powder where I really need it. It does have quite a strong smell to it, but I really like the fragrance and so that doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Next out of the bag is my body spray. And, no before you say it, I don't smell, its just that I like to have a spray with me so that I can keep feeling fresh all the time. I do a quite demanding job and so I like to keep myself feeling fresh and comfortable without the worry of not smelling as fresh as you should,shall we say.
The one at the moment that I am enjoying using is Avon's Soft Musk. Just a really beautiful smell and quite a few people have asked what is the fragrance I'm wearing and they all reply that they really like it.
Sorry, about the messy lipstick tube. But I guess that just shows how much I use it. I have had this lipstick for ages and it is called Toffee Apple by No7 and I don't think they even make this colour any more. I know we don't stock it at the store I work at. It is just a lovely caramel/coral shade and really complements my skin tone. Really love this colour.

And last of all, (I told you I don't carry much) is my concealer that I most definitely have to wear every day because of my dark circles that I have under my eyes, through lack of sleep and being in pain 24/7 and to cover the Rosacea I have on my cheeks. I love this Maybelline concealer and it just glides onto the skin.

Well, I hoped you enjoy this little delve into the secret world of my make up bag.

Love and hugs.

Zoe xxx


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