Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Source of shower inspiration??

For me,( well for any parent in fact), taking a shower can be a little bit of "me time", where for just a few precious moments you can be alone and not have to worry about hearing your little one screaming your name or shouting for attention. I always take my shower very early in the morning before Daniel wakes up, so I can savour those precious few moments of looking after myself and not rushing to get back to dealing with his little tasks that need doing.

If in those few moments you can use a product that feels luxurious when applying it and smells beautiful then all the better, and I have found such a product, and they are the Original Source shower gels and scrubs. They are beautiful, they are packed with gorgeous ingredients, such as tea tree, and, lavender, and lemon and they smell so good you almost wish to taste them ( but of course you don't!!)

The shower gels come in lovely plastic recyclable containers, which is fab because if we don't look after our planet, who else will?? They are so easy to wipe over and keep them looking clean and nice in your bathroom. There is 250mls of product in each bottle, you don't need to use very much on your sponge, because it lathers up beautifully, and so the whole shower gel will last a good long while.

They come in a whole range of scents including :-

Coconut shower gel.
Lemon and Tea Tree shower gel.
Lavender shower gel.
Tea tree and mint shower gel.
Lime shower gel
Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel
Cranberry and Honey shower scrub.

So with all of these different scents I am sure there is a scent for everyone.

All the shower gels are made with natural plant extracts and so you know they are going to be very gentle if you have sensitive skin. I have personally used the coconut shower gel and the Cranberry and honey shower scrub and they are both fantastic.
I was a little worried with the scrub because normally I cant stand them, because they normally feel as if you are rubbing harsh grit all over your body and ends up making my skin feel all sore and scratched. But this one is just so gentle and yes there are fine grains in there but they are really gentle and don't hurt the skin in any way. And the coconut one just smells delicious and makes me want to eat a Bounty bar when I come out the shower. I also love the way they have the cute little sayings on the front too "328 tropical days helped ripen the coconut in this" and "425 crushed cranberry seeds are packed into this".

All in all they are beautiful products that if you wanted you could leave off using a body lotion after your shower too because your skin feels so moisturised afterwards, the scent really lingers, and your bathroom smells wonderful which is an added bonus.

I will definitely be trying more of this particular range of shower gels and encourage you to try them too. I think they are on special too at the moment at £1.99 which is an even better time to try them out.

This post is not sponsored and I bought these products with my own money.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments which scent you have tried or will be trying.

Love and Hugs


  1. Oh I absolutely love their Vanilla and Raspberry one! It's amazing! The coconut one sounds great, definitely next on my list! Wish I could smell it from here! Haha x

  2. I need to try that one definitely. The coconut one is beautiful, even my son loves it. x

    Thanks for reading and commenting xx

  3. I use the raspberry and honey scrub too! It's so gentle and I can use it everyday. :D
    The raspberry and vanilla one smells really nice, you should try it. My country doesn't have the coconut one, so sadddddd :( I wanna try coconut too


  4. Oh no, thats a shame you cant get the coconut one. Maybe you could order one from overseas

    Thanks for reading and commenting xx


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