Saturday, 15 March 2014

Blogger 2014 Challenge : Food

As most of you know I do a fortnightly task as part of being a member of the 2014 Bloggers Challenge. The Challenge was all organised by the lovely Gaby (anothergirlyblog), and she sends us all emails telling us what topic will be next. Well, when I received this challenge's title, I knew what I was going to write about straight away..... CAKE!!!!

Anybody that knows me well, know that if you want to get on my good side just offer me a piece of cake and I will be their friend for life. Sponge cake, fruit cake, tea cake, doughnuts, cream cake, you name it and I will like it. All apart from one type that I can't eat at all as it makes me sick and that's chocolate cake. Now I know most of you would be surprised at that because the majority of the population would normally say that their go to cake would be chocolate.

Give me a chocolate bar, that's fine, I can manage those, especially Dairy Milk bars, yum. But anything else chocolatey yoghurts, ice cream, mousse, cake, custard nooooo, I just do not like it. It so rich and sickly that my stomach just rebels.

Now back to the topic of my one true vice cake. It all started years ago, whenever I went to my nan's she had always made some kind of cake, pie or bread pudding and so she would always offer me a piece and that is where my addiction began. It also may explain why I am always on the need to be on a diet. But when that toffee covered doughnut is calling to you out of the bakery shop window, who am I to deny its destiny of being eaten,lol.

If I could I would happily eat a cake for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and yes, I can hear all the healthy eating readers all screaming at their computer screens in shock and disgust, but it is the one food I love. A nice piece of fruit cake, with a hot cup of coffee always satisfies me if I don't know what to eat for lunch.

I think Daniel is like me too because he would happily munch on a jam doughnut, and get the sugar all round his mouth. Have you ever done that fun challenge where you have to eat a whole sugary doughnut without licking your lips to remove the sugar before you finish the doughnut? I know I have but no, I have never managed to succeed either. He loves the chocolate fresh cream eclairs too.
Mmmm, fresh cream cakes. Now that's a whole different story. They are gorgeous. From fresh cream apple turnovers, to fresh cream scones and fresh cream slices. They are all beautiful, and I don't think you have lived until you have been to Cornwall and had a proper Cornish clotted cream tea, with a scone and a lovely pot of tea, all served in bone china teacups and poured out of a china teapot.

Please don't be too concerned though, I do eat healthily sometimes, I do occasionally make sure there is the occasional CARROT cake in there too.
I really hope you enjoyed this blog, as much as I enjoyed writing it, and let me know your favourite cakes in the comments below.

Love and hugs


  1. I'd happily switch meals for cake too! These photos are making me hungry cos I stupidly skipped breakfast!

  2. Tut Tut, you should never miss breakfast lol, its the most important meal of the day. (Sound like your mom telling you off now dont I lol) xx Thanks for reading xx


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