Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Makeup Geek Haul

Hi everyone. I hope your week is going well. Today I wanted to talk to you about a little haul I recently did from Makeup Geek.

If you watch YouTube, then you will probably know who I'm talking about. The lady who owns the company is so lovely and her name is Marlena, she has made a whole make up line and I have heard so many people raving about her products, that I really wanted to give them a go.

Because I normally buy my shadows in palettes already made up I knew that I would need to buy a Z palette to put them in. This is the pink coloured palette that you see in the picture. It came supplied with magnets which is perfect for if you want to depot any of your other shadows you have magnets to put on the bottom of the pans to keep them secure and in place.

When I went onto the website to choose the eye shadows to put in the palette, I was dumbstruck. The variety of the shades, nearly all the colours of the rainbow, and all the different finishes was outstanding, and it must have took me a good hour to decide on my final shades. I only chose 6 this time, just in case I wasn't overly impressed with the quality.

The website was so easy to order from and made the whole process so simple and problem free.
The parcel took just over a week to arrive, which wasn't bad considering it was coming from the good old US of A. The one thing I was not happy about was the fact that I had to pay a customs charge which was an extra £15.00 on top of the money I had already spent, and I was not aware of being told of this charge whilst ordering my products.

I will say though that the eye shadows are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They are buttery soft to apply, they don't have hardly any fallout and they blend like a dream. Gorgeous products. I chose mainly neutral to ensure that I will use them a lot, instead of being left in a drawer because I just don't like really bright colours any more.

I will now show you the colours and the swatches.

I know, what you are thinking they are all brown, or shades of brown/taupe. But to me, they are all beautiful different shades with a variety of finishes, some were matte and some were shimmery, and all of the colours will give me different eye looks. At the time of purchase they were $5.99 each, and so really they were not very expensive at all.

Overall, I would recommend Makeup geek and their eye shadows. I will be purchasing more at some point, but, I did not like the fact that I was charged the Customs tax before I could pick the parcel up.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this range before, or if I have persuaded you to give them a try.

Love and Hugs


  1. I ordered from makeup geek a ling while back, I think I ordered brushes which werent all that, i wouldnt waste my money on the brushes however her eyeshadows are very good I heard! I was lucky enough not to pay custom charge, that sucks !

    Lipsiie xx

  2. The eyeshadows are fantastic, I highly recommend them, but I was very disappointed in the custom charge though. Puts me off from ordering from her too soon.

    Thanks for reading xx

  3. Great post, I've been thinking about ordering some makeup geek products for a while now. Looks like I'll need to place an order soon. I think customs charges are only applied if your order is over £15, so if you keep it under that you shouldn't get charged extra x


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