Sunday, 30 March 2014

March 2014 Empties

Yes, I know everyone says this but its true, where has March gone? It's shocking how fast the months are flying by, it only seems like yesterday when we were celebrating Valentines Day. Right onto today's post, my empties, I think I only have a few to talk about this time compared to last month when there was loads and I could hardly fit them into the special bag I keep all of them stored in, inside my wardrobe.
First up is a pack of Johnsons facial wipes, I loved these great for removing all your make up including that stubborn black eye liner that I can never get off my waterline. They are so refreshing and moisturising too, that some nights I never used my Origins night cream as I felt my skin was moisturised enough with what was contained in each of the wipes.
Next is this beautiful body shimmer lotion, that I received in my Glossybox last month. It was such a lovely product, really gave my skin a beautiful shimmer and sheen, that lasted the whole day. It was a very thin, slightly watery product, but you just have to be very careful in how much you tip into the palm of your hand because a couple of times I forgot how thin it was and ended up spilling some on my bed cover. The smell, it was gorgeous, a sweet cherry scent that fragranced the whole bedroom. I was sad to see that I had finished this.
This was a sample of Clinique's Super Defence moisturiser, containing SPF. It was a thick moisturiser but really blended nicely into the skin and didn't leave a greasy film.
I finally finished all of the different samples of the Urban Decay primer potions that I received with my Naked 3 palette last year. I love the original primer potion and the others were nice to use, but I do still prefer the original to the others that I tried in this set.
This Nivea shower cream was lovely to use, felt very luxurious but gentle enough that my little boy could use it too without it stinging his eyes or being too strong smelling that he would be worried about smelling "girly" lol. It lathered up beautifully and so you only needed a tiny amount on the shower puff.
This is one of my favourite toothpastes and you will probably see one of these in each of my monthly empties blogs. It is minty tasting but not too overly strong as my little boy hates anything too minty, in his words "its too spicy" lol.
I had never tried this mouthwash before, so thought it be nice to try. It is a very good mouthwash and I may purchase it in the future because oral hygiene is so very important, no one wants pongy breath do they???? Well, I know I don't that's for sure!!!!
The L'Oreal haircare range is one of the best on the market. They are just fabulous products and the shampoos seem to last for ages.
I finally finished the Herbal Essences Bee Strong conditioner, it is a lovely conditioner and smells gorgeous. I like to have a variety of haircare products available in my shower as I get bored often with my shampoos and conditioner and so switch them around quite often.
I was devastated when I finished my beloved Mac Fix + , and so sent my partner out to get another one the very same day. It is fantastic for helping to keep your make up in place and I also use it to spray a little on my brush when I want the eyeshadow colour to be a little more intense. I don't have to worry about running out again for a while as he purchased the large size bottle for me.

I finished my Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation. I loved this product, it gave me a full coverage, and a matte finish to my skin which is so important to me, as I have such a shiny T-Zone so I need something extremely matte to reduce the chances of my face looking like an oil slick.

Well,that's it for my March empties. I hope you enjoyed rooting through my rubbish bag with me. How have you got on this month? Did you manage to finish any products, let me know in the comments below.

Love and Hugs

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