Saturday, 29 March 2014

My Bobbi Brown Beauty Makeover Experience

Hi everyone. Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far. Today I thought I would tell you all about my Bobbi Brown Beauty Makeover I was very lucky to have on Wednesday. It all came about last week when I did a small Bobbi Brown haul, and whilst I was at the counter, the lovely lady who was serving me asked me if I would like to receive a makeover and of course me being me, I jumped at the chance.

On Wednesday I will admit I was a little nervous, because the lady had explained that it was going to be done at the actual Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges but in the main part of the Bullring where everybody would be walking past. But I really wanted to receive this makeover so I pushed back the nerves and trotted off into town.

From the first moment I got there I was made to feel really comfortable because the girls there were so friendly and welcoming. Christine, the lady who would be doing my make over was so lovely and really went into depth about the Bobbi Brown brand and asked me lots of questions on what my skin was like, how I like my make up, etc etc.

I look miserable in this photo but I really wasn't, I was making sure that I really paid attention to all the details she was telling me. First off, Christine used a cleansing oil to remove the make up I was already wearing, it felt very nice and luxurious on the skin, but didn't leave my skin greasy, then, a toner was applied and that felt really gentle and cooling. Now I suffer with very bad dark circles under my eyes and so she put a brightening concealer there and it really lightened up that area, and I really did look refreshed.

When Christine asked me the types of colours I would like for my main part of the make over I decided I wanted to go for natural shades and neutrals, and so she applied a moisture rich foundation as she said my skin was dry, I thought I had oily/combination, so that puzzled me, but I went along with it, then she applied a cream blush, which I don't wear that often, as I prefer powder but it was nice as it just added a delicate flush of colour to my cheekbones.

On my eyes I was lucky enough to be able to test one of the newer palettes from Bobbi Brown, the nectar and nude palette, which comes complete with beautiful champagne and taupe colours. The matte shade was applied in the crease then a beautiful champagne sparkly glitter applied over the eye lid. It looked beautiful. Im rubbish at applying eye liner so just normally stick to putting on my waterline but Christine chose the chocolate shimmer gel eye liner to apply along my eyelid and winged it out into a sort of cat eye look, it was totally gorgeous and I will DEFINITELY be buying that eye liner at some point in the future. The mascara that I chose to have was the Smoky Lash mascara, and it looked gorgeous as I knew it would because I had purchased it a few days before and I loved the look it gave to my lashes. Then lastly, a melon lipstick with a beautiful glossy finish was applied, and then it was all over.
This was the finished look. I think I look really pretty with this make up. Christine asked me if I would like to purchase any of the products and I chose the eye shadow palette and the blush, as I wanted to purchase the blush for my sister, but unfortunately they were out of stock of the blush, but I managed to get hold of the palette thank goodness.

Overall, I had the most wonderful time at the make over and truly recommend everyone seeing if they can get a make over done at their Bobbi Brown counter. Their knowledge and expertise is second to none, and Christine in particular was lovely with me.

Me and Christine.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you have received a make over any where and what you thought of the whole experience.

Till next time,

Love and Hugs


  1. This sounds like it was a lot of fun, and the makeup is amazing! I'd love to have my makeup done professionally but I'm scared of the end result but this looks really good!x

  2. oh wow, you look fab! :-) I really love Bobbi Brown, amazing quality. Thanks for sharingx xx

  3. Thankyou Louise, we should meet up and go Bobbi Brown shopping together :) xx


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