Monday, 17 March 2014

My Favourite Make Up Brushes

Hi to all my lovely readers. I thought today I would talk a little about my favourite make up brushes. For a very long while, before I properly got into make up and the whole beauty "thing" I used to just apply my foundation with my fingers and my eyeshadows with the sponge tip applicators that always came with the small palettes, and I just muddled long like that for a while.

But then, I began to watch You Tube and all the girls on there were talking about Sigma brushes and the Real Techniques brushes and I thought I should try the same ones and see how I got on. Well, ever since I purchased the Sigma F80 brush to apply my foundation, I have never looked back, and always now apply my foundation with either a brush or my trusty beauty blender/real techniques cosmetics sponge.
Using the brushes just really helps the foundation to blend properly and I love them., I either use the F80 (pictured above) or the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (pictured below)

To apply my bronzer or blusher I use either the Real Techniques Stippling brush, which Ihaven't got a picture of it as it was at my partners house and I forgot I needed to take a photo of it (bloggers problems). Or I use the Real Techniques Contour brush (pictured below)
As you can tell, I really rely on the Real Techniques brushes,the are fantastic quality, and the bristles are so soft but densely packed enough that the products will apply beautifully and you wont need to keep applying more product. The handles are sturdy but not bulky, so that you can hold them comfortably, which is important to me, as the arthritis in my hands limits on how long I can hold my brushes and so I need the brushes to be easy for me to grasp.

Other important brushes to me are my blending brushes as I in the past, found this one of the harder parts of make up application. I never really found brushes to help until I discovered the Real Techniques crease brush and the Sigma E38, and these really helped me improve my eye shadow application.
Sigma brushes can be ordered online and they deliver super quickly, and the brushes are priced quite reasonably. Real Techniques brushes can be purchased at either Superdrug or Boots, and they are really inexpensive for the quality you get too. They normally come in quite big sets of 4 or 5 brushes all in one kit, so you really can get value for money.

Another brand of make up brushes I like and find very useful are the Urban Decay brushes that you recieve when you buy their palettes as they sometimes put a brush in the kit. They are sometimes dual ended so you can get a brush to pack the eye shadow colour onto the actual eye lid, and then you can get a blending brush to blend other colours into the crease.
Overall, the longer I have been concentrating on beauty, I have realised the importance of good brushes to help with the application of your products as they really make it easy to achieve flawless results.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and if you use brushes that you think are great, and I have not mentioned them, list them in the comments below so that I can check them out and maybe add them to my collection too.

Love and Hugs


  1. I love the Real Techniques brushes too. They are pretty inexpensive, but works amazing. Another relatively cheap brush I like to use is by Coastal Scents. I remember back in the day when I used to just pat on my foundation using my hands. Glad I learned a thing or two and made the switch.
    Bright and Shiny

    1. It is amazing how you can alter your total make up routine, just by adding a couple of brushes. I dont own any Coastal Scents brushes. I may have to add some to my collection. xx

  2. I love my real techniques as well! and brushes really are important for applying your makeup, I don't know what I ever did without them! xx

    1. Real Techniques brushes are some of the best on the market in my opinion. I find Im using them every single day xx

  3. I love using some of these brushes, and also i store my brushes in a similar container!

  4. They are fantastic brushes. Great minds think alike.

    Thankyou for reading and commenting xx


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